WISE Conference, Qatar – Creating Teachers for Tomorrow

| December 8, 2010 | 2 Comments 

An honour to take part in the “Creating Teachers for Tomorrow” session at The World Innovation Summit for Education here in Doha, Qatar.

For the session there were two of us on the panel: Professor Stephen Heppell and myself, and the panel was chaired by Andrew Bethell from Teachers TV.

The statement we were given to consider was:

The role of teachers and the skills they require are changing as learner expectations and access to information grow. In addition, the balance of emphasis between knowledge acquisition and skills development is changing with a growing focus on 21st-century skills. 21st-century teachers have new opportunities to develop pedagogies which enable realisation of the potential of each learner, which work across subjects and disciplines, and which engage and motivate learners.

This session considered the professional development needs of 21st-century teachers, both in preparation for teaching and as they develop their practice.

I took the risk of asking folk on Twitter for their thoughts, on how Twitter, and tweeting, had helped them professionally. Search for the hashtag #wise2010Q and see some of the responses. Thanks all those stars who took the time to reply.

Professor Stephen Heppell is well known to those in the UK. He is CEO of Heppell.net; Professor at Bournemouth University, Chair in New Media Environments, Emeritus Professor at Anglia Ruskin University, Visiting Professor at the University of Wales, Newport, and Executive Chairman of LP+… and, like me, a very keen sailor! (read more HERE)

Andrew Bethell, our chair person, is Vice-Chair & Director of External Affairs, Teachers TV, UK

Andrew Bethell has pursued a highly successful career as a practicing teacher, a television producer, and as the founding director and creative and editorial leader of Teachers TV, the innovative digital television and online professional development service.

In addition, Andrew is currently advising the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on their teacher development initiatives. (Read more about Andrew HERE)

What a joy it has been to meet some teachers of tomorrow taking part today. The “learners Voice” students are a remarkable bunch of thinkers and inventive minds.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your insights from the conference. A lot of interesting topics! It has been fun following the tweets too! Professor Stephen Heppell was recently in Norway. Always enjoyable to hear what he has to say! We learn a lot from him each time!

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