Morningside Primary School, Hackney, London – Day 2

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A second day at Morningside Primary School, in Hackney, London. This time, working alongside the pupils and staff.

And, what fun we had!

Four groups, of sixty children, plus staff, all up for it.

To expect children to immediately, and confidently, throw themselves into a new experience, and trust a completely unfamiliar teacher enough to rise to unexpected challenges, in front of their classmates, and teachers, is a tall order. Yet, they always do.

And, with style today.

Thank you to Chris Coles, 1 to 1 support teacher, at the school, for recording his thoughts on the day:

This was a refreshing take on being creative, engaging and full of happy energy. Bringing a sense of adventure to the day, to learning.

Story-telling-tastic. Allowing ‘silly’ to be chic! Launch pad for one’s imagination.

Pupils’ responses are ALL validated! Sharing and appreciating accepted.

Live and fresh, everyone in the moment. Enjoyment as standard, an essential component.

Helping pupils to look – stare/compare and contrast about things that could easily be overlooked. Debating and discussing detail.

Creating a safe environment where the pupils feel free and fearless. Wanting to contribute and to listen to others opinions/views

The power of voice, sound and silence – reflections based on observations and freethinking. As professionals we need to re-connect to this more often.

Challenges can and should be fun, encouraging risk taking!

Eager to express and record, encouraged not to be afraid and to share, take ideas, repeat – even copy them, but!! BUT! Always add something different and new!

Sharing is fun, reading out one’s thoughts are part of the process. Allowing feelings to be explored and expressed. Using the senses and emotions to promote expression.

Formulating questions that can help pupils to discover information, answers, truths and new ideas. Play – imagine and play some more. Play with make-believe. Words can be many things – from fun to serious, serious to wonderful.

Developing an atmosphere of trust, performance and appreciation.

Allowing pupils and all to be one person or another or 23 years – 45 years – 1043 years or 3045 years old!

Thank you – Mr Rylands AND Mr Walker

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  1. David Martin says:

    Terrific two days spent with Tim. He truly is more than “that guy with the computer game teaching” His passion for teaching, enthusiasm and engagement with the children and sheer unabashed crazy presentation style kept the children and adults captivated and I for one was re-inspired. He reminded me of what I used to try to do with my teaching before the paperwork set-in. Thank you for re-invigorating me. Time to take the children into new worlds,

  2. Phillipa Baulch says:

    Hi Tim, thanks for the excellent couple of days. Here is a collection of the year 5 and 6 writing from the day. I plan to read it out at assembly and get them to join in on the chorus. This is my first week at Morningside so it’s been really useful for me to observe the pupils and to see what they can do through your sessions. I would have sent this as an attachment but I couldn’t figure out how to. It might make easier reading if you copy and paste it back into word but that’s probably teaching granny how to suck eggs. The children’s writing has really impressed me. Thank-you.

    Tim Rylands’ session – words of year five and year six group – 5/1/11

    Chorus – these lyrics are from the song Monster by The Automatic

    Verse – All words are from the children except for 7 sections which I added to keep the narrative flowing. The lines which I added are written in italics.(sorry, pasting from word has lost the italics)

    The blank in the first line is so that the children can decide who they are.

    We are the people of _________________ and we live by the broken lake.
    In days gone by we could smell the salty water and we could taste the salty air.
    The winds would blow and the rocks would grow but then one day we heard
    a misty, shadowy, dark and swirling sound.

    What’s that coming over the hill is it a monster, is it a monster?
    What’s that coming over the hill is it a monster, is it a monster?

    The monsters came into our land and I was shaking like a naked penguin.
    They invaded our home and ate our food. They even ate half the ship.
    The monsters breathe in air but they breathe out acid
    and now our ship looks like a small haunted tower
    and the smell of toxic waste is like a dinosaur toxic stain.

    What’s that coming over the hill is it a monster, is it a monster?
    What’s that coming over the hill is it a monster, is it a monster?

    The wind still blows and the rocks still grow but the birds fly with nowhere to go.
    The ship sinks deeper into the sea. It looks depressed like it will burst into tears.
    We’re standing here like plums. The cold bites us with her claws.
    Ashes to rashes, creaky bones to rotten stones.

    What’s that coming over the hill is it a monster, is it a monster?
    What’s that coming over the hill is it a monster, is it a monster?

    One day the monsters disappeared.
    The food they left us was rotten but we had to eat it.
    Between the layers of our moldy lemon cake we found one of the
    monster’s black teeth.
    We had to eat crabs to keep us alive. Every day we found ways to survive.
    Then one day we found the fountain of youth.
    The fountain of youth keeps us alive until we choose our day to die.
    But today we choose to live.

  3. blog says:

    Hey Phillipa
    Great stuff. Really enjoyed reading that. Thank you and WELL DONE ALL
    Keep in touch and I’d love to see anything else you create.

    Thanks again
    All the best

  4. Sue Clamp says:

    Ooohhh, Morningside!!! My first school 🙂

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