ICT to Inspire seminar, BETT 2011, London

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Wow! What a week! A whirlwind, non-stop series of presentations and events all around London, and now we get to finish it in style: with a presentation at BETT alongside two, amazing, creative, and magical colleagues: Simon Widdowson (@xannov) and Kevin McLaughlin (@kvnmcl).

We looked at many ways to motivate, and inspire, children’s writing, confidence, creativity and more. Through the week, we have been building our presentation, gathering input from all those attending. Now, during BETT week, we have finally ended up getting to BETT, and have the chance to showcase some of the incredible things that schools all around the UK, and beyond, have done using some of the ideas.

Kevin and Simon have blazed a trail, rising to the challenge of solving a dilemma that occurred in a story we told, set in the Epic Citadel “app”.

We didn’t just look at iPads, but invloved them in our investigations, and have been exploring the creative, constructive, side of these tablets.

Simon, from Porchester School in Nottingham, shared some of his thoughts on moving beyond iPads as a one-way source of information:

Well, what an Autumn term it was. My school bought a set of iPads – as a research tool we initially thought – although very quickly I began to see that it was so much more than “the Internet is your hands” as Steve Jobs proudly claimed when he launched it.
When I installed the Epic Citadel app onto them, I knew I was looking at something special. An app that the children could explore. An app that would allow them to think creatively. An app that would immerse them completely in another world.
I had the chance to work with two groups of pupils on Epic Citadel, and for six wonderful weeks in November and December I was able to watch fourteen children bring an entire world to life through story telling and artwork, using a whole range of iPad apps, as well as other tools on laptops. The enthusiasm, commitment and effort that the pupils put into the project was amazing. Their creativity levels went through the roof, their confidence levels rose, and their critical thinking skills improved drastically.
The pupils created outstanding work, and it was all placed onto a special, school, Epic Citadel website, to allows others to enjoy it too. We took the Epic Challenge, now it’s your turn. Will you?

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  1. Rebecca Cole says:

    I chose which day to come to the Bett Show based on your presentation day, Tim, & wasn’t disappointed.

    Inspiring? Understatement.
    Thank you.
    I now just need to spread the word!

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