Cleves School, Weybridge, Surrey : Day 1

| February 14, 2011 | 3 Comments 

After a brief hiatus (I like a good hiatus. Don’t you? When pruned back in spring, late blooming hiatus adds a splash of colour to any garden) we are back on the road. And what a lovely way to start with two days of lessons, at Cleves School, Weybridge Surrey, with children from all year groups, followed by staff twilight sessions with colleagues from across the school. Cleves school is a big, five form entry, junior school. This week is a busy one, with Book Week being celebrated in lots of different ways .

Have a look at the virtual tour of the school here. We visited a huge array of scenery, in some spectacular virtual worlds, and explored the power of picking up words and juggling with them. We set some children the challenge of taking on roles in the settings they found themselves transported to.

We always enjoy “green screening” children in to the landscapes but even more fun today, as we tried out our new HUGE green screen and tripod stands. It isn’t necessary to have any posh equipment to make green screen films. Having a large sheet of material does mean that you can stand your characters ON the material as well as in front of it. In that way, you can isolate them entirely and stand them on the “floor” of your virtual world,film or picture.

How about draping the green sheet over a chair, set away from the main drop of cloth. This means your characters can lean against it, or peek out from behind it. When you set them against the replacement background, they can appear to be looking over a wall, or to be lurking behind a rock, their legs and lower body, hidden for example, or just their head and shoulders visible around the virtual obstacle.They can then even walk out from “behind” this feature.

If you have a spare fragment of cloth, it’s fun, and gruesome, to make a hole right through someone or something!! Is your school uniform green, or have you got enough cloth to wrap someone up? In which case, you can have floating heads, and isolated hands appearing from nowhere.

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  1. Beccy Flaherty says:

    Great input for the kids today, they were really buzzing when we got back to the class and some of them produced some fantastic writing. Thank you.

  2. Adam Watkins says:

    I enjoyed it when you came to Cleves and showed us some really cool stuff!

  3. Nicki Rice says:

    Hi, I watched day 2 and although it was a shorter session I felt that what the children achieved in the time was amazing. Some of the writing was terrific. As a student teacher I was really inspired by the techniques Tim demonstrated and I will definitely be nicking some ideas! Thank You!

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