Cleves School, Weybridge, Surrey : Day 2

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More travels through mysterious lands, at Cleves School, Weybridge, in Surrey.
A darkened room, dancing sound effects, haunting music enhancing the atmosphere, and we’re ready to go who knows where?

Today, we wandered in the world of wonderous words, with children from upper Key Stage 2. A hundred children in each session, yet, at times, you could hear a pin drop. Then, when an unexpected feature sprang to life, bubbling discussion and fizzing talk.

One of the most powerful uses of these magical landscapes, is the opportunity to model, and discuss, ways of coming back down from excitement, so that something else enjoyable can happen. Social eitiquette.

“If someone makes you laugh – great. If you don’t know when to stop laughing, -in other words, you just keep going, -the person who made you laugh is going to think “Uh Oh! I’m not doing that again, because last time they didn’t know when to stop” and slowly your life will get more… boring!”

“Laughter, talk, involvement, excitement… great! Just bring it down quickly, and then something else can happen, and your life will get even more… exciting!”

Children do not want these experiences to be disturbed, and they almost “self police” the atmosphere, and a feeling of shared fascination, engagement, involvement and exploration seeps in to the room. And often remains, or can be referred to at least. 🙂

After school ………

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