Darnhill Study Centre, Heywood

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Following yesterday’s lessons, training and twilight session at Brownhill School, Rochdale, today we are having the pleasure of spending time with the staff and students at Darnhill Study Centre in Heywood.

Another challenge and fun filled day. Well done all.

The students flew, with some really imaginative ideas, after an inevitable initial building of confidences, as all children, who are asked to take risks and take off and fly, need. It is the support, and confidence boosting element that all the staff in this setting, have as their focus.

These virtual landscapes are an excellent blank canvas and we can build to where we are happy to pick words up and juggle with them, then splatter them over the page, painting pictures which, in turn, lift off the page and dance in our heads. (Hey! Mr Rylands. Those are similes and metphors!)

One of my favourite similes today was: “It is as cold as a fridge and so terrifying that your mum’s hair under her armpits stand up!”

Some other gems included:

The curved, pointed, rocks resembled a collection of sharp fins turned into stone upside down. A crashed cruise ship no-one ever knew about, stands there in frozen shock. Thompsons the travel agents always believed the ship sailed into the Bermuda Triangle a huge, giant, void!

Rocks, jagged like a prehistoric sharks tooth. Water shimmering like liquid gold. The ship, decaying like an unloved corpse.

We’re on the top of the world, so happy we could jump off the wall and do a back flip of joy!

As cold as a fridge and it is so terrifying that the hair under you­r mum’s armpits stand up!

Brown, rocky hills as if they are coated in chocolate.

Green trees shivering in the wind.

A portal in the countryside that ides a magical, mysterious world.

Rocks grey lilke the skies, pointed like sharks teeth. Water looking like sand. A wreck like a space rocket scraping the sky.

Standing here, looking across a milky lagoon, surrounded by rocks like my old grandmother’s decaying teeth. Ahead of me, an upturned ship reaches for the sky.

We enjoyed exploring some iPad landscapes too.

Darnhill Study Centre, Heywood is a PRU which caters for a wide range of pupils: all primary pupils both permanent exclusions and EBD; KS3 exclusions, KS4 vulnerable (out of mainstream because of medical reasons, pregnancy and young mothers). Some pupils will still be dual registered with school. The aim is to return all pupils where possible to mainstream but some do move to the other 2 centres. It is also home for the Home Tuition Service. Pupils admitted throughout they year sometimes on a daily basis. High turn around. Some pupils are on alternative provision. The majority of lessons are run by 1 teacher and 1 TA/Mentor. Runs on a variety of timetables – pupils tend to stay in their form room apart from specialist subjects.

Thank you, to all, for coming on journeys with us! 🙂

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  1. Peter Heap says:

    Dear Tim Rylands,
    These Are Great Pictures Of Primary And Secondary (Including Me) And I Am So Glad You Put These On.
    It Was Absolutely Excellent, We All Enjoyed Your Stay At Darnhill Study Centre And Hope You Come Again Soon This Or Next Year.
    From Peter Heap (Pupil At Darnhill Study Centre).

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