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Our previous visit to work with students from Trinity University College was, sadly, cut short due to the snow last November. However, this has resulted in the opportunity for us to make a return visit, in order to complete the event, this time to spend the morning at West End Lane Primary, Horsforth.

This day, again, is planned to enable trainees to observe us working with children, enable discussion and questions and give the trainees and their school partners opportunity to listen to, and experience how ICT can enhance and inspire teaching and learning. It started with 60+ Y2 and Y3 pupils with their teachers and visiting student teachers in the hall, followed by 60+ Y4 and Y5’s.

A quick car ride up to Trinity University College, and an afternoon session with the trainees, reflecting on the morning’s lessons and so much more.

In a final session, we went even further, joined by teachers from around the area.

Thank you, all, for your joyful involvement in all of the sessions today.

Thanks too, to Graham Jarvis, , Lecturer at Leeds Trinity Universtiy College, for his organisation, and generous hosting, of our visit.

We made it, at last, and for us, it was well worth waiting for.

Well done all!

Hi Tim,

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your work with our children this morning. You really are an inspiration, as you make writing so much fun! Your ability to motivate even the least able children to pick up a pencil and write really is a pleasure to watch. I loved the way that you took the fear out of writing with comments such as:

‘Don’t let the world miss out on your fantastic ideas, because you’re not sure of something as daft as the spelling!

‘If you like an idea of mine, just STEAL it!’

In such a ‘safe’ atmosphere who wouldn’t become a writer?

The fact that all the children were ‘itching’ to put pencil to paper before you’d finished speaking really showed how much they were enjoying the session.

The imaginative ideas and high levels of sophistication that you were able to elicit from all the children were amazing, with even struggling boys proudly reading out the complex sentences, metaphors and similes that they had been inspired to write.

Teachers like you are every literacy co-ordinator’s dream!!

Feel free to come back to our school, whenever you want to… the door is ALWAYS open.

Sarah Qualtrough

Literacy Co-ordinator/Assistant Head

West End Primary School

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  1. David Leadbeater says:

    A total eye-opener. Tim’s use of ICT to support learning in the classroom is a genuine delight to see. Such simple ideas generating great child responce and highlighting what imaginations children do have, really inspired me to see what can be done.
    The simple delivery and engaging language Tim uses with the children is superb to see and if I can become half the teacher he is, I will be very pleased.
    Just brilliantly simple and perfect delivery. Thank you.

  2. Stewart Kinloch says:

    Had a thoroughly helpful and inspiring session, first of all at West End Primary and then back at Trinity. I’ve just completed my first School observation placement and have gained some ideas on good packages to use and been given an original perspective on how ICT can be implemeted to make learning more engaging.

  3. Abbie says:

    What an inspiring talk this afternoon! As a final year trainee I can’t help thinking it would have been great to have had the talk at the start of my training! But I’m really excited about testing out some of the suggestions with my class in my first teaching post. I especially love TagGalaxy, switcheroozoo, the pointers for getting the most out of Powerpoint and using Myst with children as an immersive environment that they can explore… being more or less the only person in the room that had played the game, I’ve missed out on some great opportunities for inspiring children to write in my classroom! I’ll be going through my old games to see what else I could be using!

    If ever I see your name come up at a conference or talk I’ll be sure to attend and to recommend! A thoroughly engaging and enjoyable afternoon.


  4. Gareth Medd says:

    Excellent stuff. A million ideas packed into small space. The challenge is transmitting these ideas to my school staff. Are there kinds of teachers who build their repetoire of ICT resources and techniques to use when the moment is right? Is the success of Tim the use ICT or the inspiration of a great practitioner?

    I like the way Tim is highlighting the importance of both digital and analogue.

  5. Lucy Morris says:

    I really enjoyed the session for teachers at TASC, I teach ICT across all primary age groups and I know I will continue to use Tim’s ideas for a long time to come!

  6. Tom Connelly says:

    This was a fantastic session with lots of great ideas and suggestions to use ICT to promote learning in the Primary classroom.
    If I can use just a few of Tim’s suggestions I know my teaching will benefit and hopefully children will be inspired.
    Thanks for a great insight into ICT – a thoroughly enjoyable session which passed in the blink of an eye.

  7. Graham Jarvis says:

    It does exactly what it says on the tin-an inspiring day from beginning to end!

  8. Jayne Ward says:

    WOW! I’ve so much to think about now. The ICT to inspire learning was amazing but the one thing I walked away with is my philosophy confirmed of how children should be learning. With the pressure of assessment and levels, particularly teaching Y6, it is hard to implement your own philosophy, but after listening to Tim, I feel confident to continue pushing in this direction. Thank you Tim.

  9. Andrew says:

    Here’s a copy of the text I sent to my Head, Deputy Head and other Y6 teacher after the course before going home!

    “WONDERFUL course!!! Feel completely inspired; made 11 A4 pages of notes! SO much to test, try out and explore! Andrew.”

    …and yes, that’s me – the guy in the photo intensely making notes! Don’t worry – I spent most of the time smiling as well!


  10. Louise Milivojevic says:

    Wow!!!!! What an amazing and truely inspirational session!!!

    Many thanks Tim!

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