Stimulating Writing through ICT – Education Leeds 3

| March 15, 2011 | 8 Comments 

Back in Leeds with Colin Davies, of the Leeds support team, at The City Museum, Leeds, for the third event in the ICT to Inspire series.

Today, we were joined by colleagues from Bankside Primary School, Brodetsky Jewish Primary, Burley St Matthias C of E Primary, Christ The King Catholic Primary, Corpus Christi Catholic Primary, Hovingham Primary, Middleton Primary School, Shakespeare Primary School, Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary, Whitecote Primary School, Chapel Allerton, Alwoodley Primary and Summerfield Primary.

It is always fun to do a training day with staff from a variety of schools. It gives us, and them, a real chance to put some of the interactive technologies in to place, both during, and after, the event.

Tomorrow at we are at St Matthias C of E Primary doing some lessons with children across the age range, so that staff from today can see “it in action” ut also become invloved and muck in with an exploration of the power of virtual worlds.

Today was another one of those that was postponed, because of the snow, back in December. Thanks, all, for your patience, and for your great sense of humour, and imagination, today. Onwards!

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  1. Matt O'Leary says:

    Thanks very much for an awe inspiring day! Your boundless energy and enthusiasm is contagious.I have learnt so much, that I just can’t wait to get back into the classroom and infect (or should that be inflict?) my pupils with the bug that I have caught!

  2. Steven Hall says:


    Truly inspiration ride with loop the loops that left us hanging all of the way. One of the most informative courses of my teaching career – 8 years.

    Thank you

    Steven Hall Bankside Primary School, Leeds

  3. Colin Davies says:

    Another great day, it was entertaining, informative and inspiring. Although I’ve been working with you both for a couple of years now, I’m still learning so much. Feedback from teachers has been incredibly positive and I’m looking forward to seeing the demonstration lessons tommorrow. Thanks again for a wonderful day.

  4. Rosemary says:

    I had a fantastic day gaining practical ideas about how to inspire children’s literacy through ICT. I can’t wait to explore the free downloads we found out about and have already starting using some of the shortcut tricks! I am also really looking forward to tomorrow’s session in school where I will see a demonstration lesson. I know the children will love it as much as I did!

  5. Rebekah Wilson says:

    Thanks for a great day! I am just about to attempt to wow my husband (ICT trainer himself) with the wonderful things I have learnt today. Looking forward to seeing a great lesson tomorrow morning.

  6. Sam Collier says:

    Wow – am always exhausted after our Stimulating Writing Days! Even on our third time together I find myself buzzing with ideas and endless possibilities, frantically making notes to myself (even though I know the locked page and blog contain all I need to know!!) It is the best boost of motivation, ideas and excitiment that any teacher can experience in a day and I love watching the joy on the participants faces and listening to their excited chatter…a real treat as a consultant!

  7. It’s difficult to add anything else to the great comments already made but, yesterday was fantastic and made me reflect and review aspects of teaching. I really appreciated having time to explore a great resource and be so well supported. I’m looking forward today’s follow up in school.

  8. Helen Burling says:

    Thank you so much for an inspirational and informative day yesterday. The lessons this morning were fantastic – great to see the children bursting at the seams with ideas, new vocabulary and pride in their own writing. I’m already planning on using some of the websites you mentioned with my Y6 class.

    Helen Burling – Whitecote Primary School

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