Education Leeds Inspiring Writing 3 – St Matthias C of E Primary

| March 16, 2011 | 1 Comment 

Today we were at St Matthias C of E Primary doing some lessons with children across the age range, so that staff from the school and colleagues from other schools who attended yesterday’s training, could see “it in action”, but also become involved and muck in with an exploration of the power of virtual worlds.

This has bought to an end the third (well actually fourth if you also include the Wii project too) of our visits to Leeds to work alongside Colin Davies and Sam Collier of the Education Leeds advisory team.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside Colin and Sam over the past couple of years,  first in November 2009 (Leeds – Stimulating Writing Through ICT – Day 1 and Day 2), then again in May 2010 (Day 1 ,  Day 2 and Wii Project) and now March 2011 (Day 1 and, of course, Day 2 recorded in this post). Colin’s organisational skills and attention to detail are phenomenal. He and Sam have a remarkable vision of how colleagues can create powerful learning experiences for children. They also have superb senses of humour! Thank you folks for the couple of years of Inspiring Writing projects. Onwards to more…

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  1. Colin Davies says:

    Wow! What an action-packed and fun-fiied day it was. Our teachers got to see three fantastic lessons involving Y2, Y4 and Y6 classes. Really interesting to see some generic aspects of stimulating writing and more specific ideas for different age groups. The overwhelming message here is that children (and adults) of all ages and abilities can be inspired to write. We started with a Literacy focus and quickly saw limitless possibilities across the curriculum. Tim and Sarah have once again challenged and inspired teachers to think much more creatively in their approachers to teaching.

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