Inspiring Creative Teaching–Cumbria 3:St Margaret Mary Primary, Carlisle

| March 24, 2011 | 5 Comments 

Following yesterday’s event with the secondary head teachers of Cumbria, we are today at our third primary school here in Cumbria, St Margaret Mary’s Primary in Carlisle for day three of the ‘Inspiring Creative Teaching’ project, and our fourth day in the region.

One of the most exciting, engaging, landscapes in one of the games we use, is a pirate ship, wrecked, in a land that looks perched on the edge of time itself.

After we have stood, gazing out across this almost ominous setting, and we have met the remains of the crew, in the skeletal remains of their once proud ship, – we sometimes head back on to the beach, and explore their small encampment, nestled in a clearing, on a windy outcrop overlooking a sumptuous jungle below.

In that tiny settlement, there are wooden crates, containing who knows what?!… images are scrawled upon the rock face, and, most significantly, a ragged tent, or mini yurt, sits, almost quivering, in the corner.

Approach that tent, and a dramatic event unfolds. It is something we have used, a lot, as a reward, and classic “big finish” for a lesson.

How satisfying it was today to find a slightly larger version of that canvas hideaway in the school hall! So we played with the atmosphere and had fun!

Thank you to Chris Wilkins, headteacher for joining us all day on our travels:

It was amazing to see the transformation of our Year 5 and 6 children. The ideas and vocabulary that they created and developed over the course of the morning were of a very high quality and left their teachers wondering where this literary genius had come from! Thank you for a inspirational day that will have a lasting impact on our school.

You are welcome Chris. It was a joy to wander in the world of words with your voyagers.

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  1. E. Silvester says:

    Children and adults were totally inspired by the exciting workshop. We were there – on that pirate ship; vocabulary stimulated, visual senses satisfied and our imaginations free to journey.

    The technical session was detailed, inspiring and whet the appetite for more virtual use for our children!! Thank you so much.

  2. Laura Feeney says:

    An amazing day, really enjoyed it and can’t wait to try some of the ideas out with the kids – had to stop myself from telling them all about it! the workshop was genius – being ‘taught’ gave you a whole new perspective. I couldn’t wait to write and would love to try to re-create that in my class.
    Now off to trawl through the blog to find new and exciting goodies – bring on the geek!

    Thank you all for a most fantastic day!

  3. Ralf Smits says:

    Every now and again you come away from a day’s professional development full of ideas which can be used the following day. Today was one of these days. I love using IT in teaching, but often don’t find the time to find and try out new pieces of software or web applications. I have not played games on a computer since the my comodore amiga died, but I am looking forward to having a go at ‘exile’. Thank you for the detailed information and practical ideas!

  4. John Nixon says:

    Now at the end of our three primary days in Cumbria I feel more hungry to experience more than at the start. What a whirlwind of excitement and real tips to enhance teaching. There has never been a point at any time during the times spent with Sarah and Tim that I have felt like switching off.
    I hope to organise a return journey for T & S next year if schools want me to. Though this should not be an option and should be compulsory CPD for all.
    Many thanks T&S for all the help and excitement this week.
    “May your woks be smuggled with pride!”

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you too John. A great week in Cumbria, and we only just nibbled a hint off a slice off the thinnest wafer of the tip of the ice berg. We would LOVE to come back and work with you and your Cumbria Colleagues and Children again. Looking forward to it. All the best T&S

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