Southfield Technology College, Workington, Cumbria

| March 25, 2011 | 4 Comments 

The last day of a great week in Cumbria, and the chance to work with secondary colleagues, and children, at Southfield Technology College.

We did two sessions in the morning, one with Year 7/8’s, and one with Year 9’s, and then spent a speedy session with staff in the afternoon, looking at many ways of using technology to motivate and inspire students, and get them to collaborate and interact on-line.

Thank you to Headteacher Lynda Dalkin, for organising our visit and recording some notes for us here:

Southfield is a Technology College which is proud of its breadth of technological, ‘in class’ support, knowledge and use within the curriculum. Today we were refreshed and inspired by the innovative use of technology by Tim and Sarah.

Tim took two groups of 60 students on a journey of creative writing using computer games as his stimulus. Students were inspired and indeed were writing creatively.

They didn’t have a lot of chance to write, but what they did write was at a higher level. Like many children they were reluctant to give answers or ideas in a big group environment but in a very short time we were proud of our stars as they rose to the challenge.

Our teachers enjoyed the opportunity to be part of this teaching and learning style and I am absolutely convinced we will build on this. Later we tried hard to keep up with the multitude of ideas to bring into our classrooms. Useful, inspiring and best of all ‘free’!

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  1. Russell Butler says:

    Hi Tim,

    It’s nice to see another nutter around! Thanks for today. I do get frustrated at not having the time to “PLAN” outcomes that I want to; but I have been given some great ideas today and conduits to get things across. This workshop was a “Good start” but I will need to do more! I think I’ll be on the website a fair bit and might hound you!

    PS Adam Rumney Year 8 loved the session today!

    Thanks, Russell

  2. Elizabeth Fye says:

    Thanks for all the ideas you gave us. I will be using them starting from Monday, especially tag galaxy!

  3. Willow aka The Lady In Red says:

    Hi Tim,

    “speedy session” wasn’t the half of it, I’m surprised smoke wasn’t coming off my pen! Thank you for a fab afternoon, those links … well I spent several hours wandering among them Friday evening and have shared them with friends and family as well as colleagues who couldn’t be there!

    Thanks again for a fab training session, it’s nice to end the week all bouncy :o)

  4. Tim says:

    THANK YOU!! Let us know how you get on with all the links 🙂

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