eTwinning Camp 2011 – Budapest, Hungary

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A thoroughly enjoyable evening session with 100 students from across Europe, taking part in the eTwinning Camp 2011

For the first time ever in eTwinning, the annual Conference and the annual Camp are taking place together. This year’s events is happening in Budapest, Hungary, from 31 March to 2 April.

We are honoured to be delivering a keynote session, and even better, to be doing a workshop with all of the students before the conference starts.

Over 530 teachers and 120 pupils from 31 countries in Europe are meeting to celebrate success, network and contribute towards the further development of Europe’s largest community of schools.
While some activities are taking place independently from another, a few teacher and pupil events will be combined so that everyone can interact. In addition, this year’s focus on pupil empowerment will surely make this a great opportunity for a fruitful exchange between pupils and teachers.

Be sure to follow all the eTwinning Conference and Camp activities online through the special event website! There, you will find the latest news, information and blog posts created especially to share firsthand experiences throughout the event:

There is also a special prize-giving ceremony, The eTwinning Prizes 2011, for the award-winning pupils and teachers, who will get the chance to meet their partners face-to-face and participate in a number of exciting workshops and cultural events.

Congratulations, to the students here at the eTwinning Camp, because they are winners, from a huge group of imaginative eTwinning projects. 310 projects were entered for the competition. 109 were chosen to go forward to the next stage, and then 32 projects reached the final shortlist. And then, finally, these students are from the three 3 winning groups.

Marc Durando was right to describe these winning groups as innovative, inquisitive, different and, crucially, inspirational. What they have initiated will, inevitably inspire other projects across the eTwinning community.

The children, involved in this event, are stars and should be proud of their excellent achievements. I am sure they will have fun in Budapest, this week, as they deserve it!

Around a hundred students, (plus their remarkable innovative teachers!) had travelled here from Finland, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Italy and Hungary.

The teachers involved in these projects deserve praise for overcoming technical difficulties and any initial language barriers

Remarkable, that a room full of people, from all over the world, all speak MY language! As English people, we are honoured that so many people speak English. Many of them speak it better than me, and I have been practising for over 40 years!

Special thanks to the City of Budapest, The Hungarian eTwinning National Support Service, the eTwinning Camp team, the European Commission, and many other we will mention tomorrow, for our superb visit to the city.

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