eTwinning Conference 2011 – Budapest, Hungary

| March 31, 2011 | 7 Comments 

Day 2 of the eTwinning Event 2011 in Budapest, Hungary, and the start of the conference.

We had the chance, this morning, to travel with the eTwinning students, from Finland, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Italy and Hungary, on a trip around the beautiful city of Budapest.

The conference welcomes 530 teachers and 120 pupils from 31 countries in Europe, and features a packed programme including  some fantastic workshops and an exhibition.

To present to such a varied group, with so many languages, and countries, present, is a joyous opportunity. Thank you to everybody for their very kind feedback and full on laughter.

Well done to the students from the eTwinning camp, who came up and presented their Camelephantelopelicanaries so confidently, especially as it was on such a huge stage, infront of over 600 people, and in another language.

eTwinning is such a powerful and important concept, allowing genuine connections, between students, and teachers, across Europe, so it is great to meet so many of these innovators, all in one place.

Thank you to Anne Gilleran, and her colleagues, for the invite to this superb event.

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  1. Jeannette says:

    Excellent! Thanks!

  2. Hlynur says:

    Great lecture! I picked a lot of new stuff I want to add to my toolbox! Thanks a lot.

    Best regards,

  3. Ayşe says:

    It was great to listen to your lecture and learn different teaching methods from you.
    Thanks a lot from Turkish teachers…

  4. yasin says:

    Great lecture!I want to benefit from your experience.Thanks from Turkish Delegate.

  5. Necati says:

    Great lecture!Thanks from Turkish Delegate.

  6. Guardian says:

    You are such a marvellous person. Was a pleasant to meet/hear You @ Budapest. Wish You all the best.

  7. Tom Roche says:

    Delighted to have met and listened to such an inspirational speaker.

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