IPON2011: Onderwijs & ICT – Utrecht, Holland

| April 13, 2011 | 3 Comments 

The next leg of our Europe trip and, after a whizz through Germany and investigating the birth of print, and Gutenberg, in Mainz, we are in Utrecht, Holland, opening the IPON2011: Education in the 21st Century, conference in Utrecht

This is the fourth IPON event and has a focus on vision, trends and innovations, providing  information on the latest developments in education and ICT.

The IPON2011 focuses on the entire education and primary, secondary and vocational education in particular.

  • ICT in education, how to apply it?
  • ICT in education, how do you stay with?
  • ICT in education, you can not deny it anymore!
  • ICT in education, a must for every teacher!

More than 100 practical workshops, with a link between planning and inspiring.

Thank you to Martin Smelt and Frederike van den Oever for organising our brief visit to Holland, and this superb event.

The bit.ly containing all the links from our presentation is HERE

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  1. Pieter van Rooij says:

    Dear Tim and Sarah,
    Thank you for making my getting up early this morning worthwhile! I saw you in London in january and I must say you keep renewing your presentation. Great!

  2. Tim says:

    Pieter – thank you for your very kind feedback. We do try to keep our presentations up to date and changing, and I am glad you found it useful – thank you.
    Let us know what you try.

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