SIRikt 2011 – Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

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Delighted to be invited to travel through some stunning scenery to present at the 5th international ICT conference SIRIKT 2011 in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.

The conference participants are representatives of  educational institutions from kindergarten to University from Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe. There are over 1200 participants!

The International Conference Enabling Education and Research with ICT – SIRikt 2011 is a prominent event on the incorporation of ICT in education. It brings together childcare workers, childcare assistants, teachers, laboratory assistants, headmasters, information specialists, computer experts, higher education teachers, librarians, pupils, high-school students, university students and other ICT users. This year conference topic is “Heading towards e-competent school”.

Our opening plenary session was entitled “IKT za navdih: dvig ravni ustvarjalnosti pri otrocih vseh starosti in sposobnosti” or “ICT to Inspire: raising levels of creativity in children of all ages and abilities”. We took the folks here on a whirlwind whistle-stop whizz around a world of web2.0 wonders. We let our imaginations take flight.

A new session, that had its first outing yesterday in Holland, is almost TOO much even for US to take in.

Our second session for the day is a “hands on” session, looking at the creative power of the iPad.

When Apple released the original iPad, it was described as “the internet in your hands”. It is so much more than that. What a delight, therefore, to have a hands on exploration of some of the creative power of an iPad.

So our fellow wanderers carved sculptures, threw pots, created 3D structures, composed a soundtrack, painted a masterpiece, explored mystical landscapes as they came alive in their hands.

We lost ourselves in “made up” mystical streets, and a magical tale, then left with many ideas to use back in our real learning worlds.

Thank you to Andreja Bačnik, Viljenka Šavli, Branka Čander, Sarka Kinclova, and others for organising our visit to this remarkable part of the world. We look forward to our next few days at the conference.

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