SIRikt Mimio workshop, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

| April 15, 2011 | 1 Comment 

Sarah took a large group of delegates, on a virtual tour of her home country, Wales, to show the power of an interactive digital space, in a classroom setting, and to illustrate that it isn’t about the technology. It is the way it is used.

Sarah was using Mimio tools, and looking at some of the remarkable comparisons between Wales and Slovenia. Well, castles, mountains, dragons (the emblem of Ljubljana is very Welsh looking dragon, on the top right corner of this article on European dragons), and the same way of saying, and writing, the number three, tri, were just a few of the similarities that were thrown up during our whirlwind tour of the two countries.

The joy of the Mimio Teach, was that Sarah didn’t even need an interactive whiteboard to do her presentation. Almost any large, flat, space would have done.

There was a lot of laughter in the room, as delegates took part in some interactive voting, using Mimio Vote, to find out how much people already knew about Wales, a country of very similar size and population to Slovenia.

We had a close up view of the Welsh National flower, the daffodil, using Mimio View. Thank you to Vili Savli, for getting hold of a daffodil for us. 😉

We also had a close encounter with the Welsh cakes that have travelled with us, through Europe, over the last two weeks. They have done well, to survive a trip from the U.K., through Switzerland, Germany, Holland, France and Slovenia.

Using Mimio Capture, Sarah drew some Welsh sheep on the board, in ink, and then these magically became digital, so they could be herded by a Welsh Collie.

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  1. Hello from Wigan, UK.

    Looks like a great session. What a good day to be talking about Wales. Loads of smile on the pictures that suggest you guys are as entertaining and educating as usual!


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