Bidston Avenue Primary School, Birkenhead, Wirral: Day 1

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Today, we are back in the North West of England to spend the first of two days at  Bidston Avenue Primary School here on the Wirral, and the Elections get our vote!

With the school being used as a polling station, it made sense for us to spend some time with the teachers today, and work alongside the children tomorrow, breaking creative teaching down in to its constituent parts :-).

Bidston Avenue has started using Twitter to communicate with parents. Follow them here, and headteacher Stuart Brady here.

We met Stuart back last November while at the Durham Primary Headteachers Conference and were struck by his desire to seek out and deliver the very best for his children and staff. The school website reflects this, with a whole section devoted to the power of smiling, and there were many, many smiles here today.

We are really looking forward to our day tomorrow, when we will be in the classrooms with the children and their teachers.

Thank you to Stuart, for recording his thoughts on today:

My deputy and I saw Tim and Sarah at a conference called ‘Dare to Inspire’ in County Durham in the autumn term 2010.  We were inspired by the quality and creativity of work produced by Durham’s teachers and children that Tim and Sarah had worked with.  Within two weeks of our return to school we had booked the two of them to come to sunny Wirral on election day 2011.

We have had a superb day being immersed in creative, communicative ICT that will hopefully move our children (and our staff) to the ‘next level’.  We loved travelling through the awe-inspiring landscapes and situations in Myst III: Exile, and the chance to ‘not be teachers’ and place ourselves in uncomfortable or awkward positions.

The staff chunnered away as they explored the virtual environments.  They could see links between the landscapes/characters and how we can use them to improve our children’s writing.  It truly is a world so real you wish it wasn’t a game.

Besides the Myst elements of the INSET day, we caught so many web 2.0 ideas to use to improve our teaching and learning, plus the ‘multimodal magic’ hidden within PowerPoint.  During Sarah’s demo of creating multimodal learning resources, it was refreshing to have some training which was aimed towards those of us who want to push the boundaries of a bog standard PowerPoint presentation.  Those members of staff who weren’t at that level still caught elements and have the help guides (and other staff members) to refer to.

We’ve had a fantastic training day!  I would love each member of staff to take one thing from the day and try it out with their children over the next term and share their findings and resources with the rest of us.

We are so looking forward to tomorrow to see Tim and Sarah in action with our children (years 2, 4 and 6).

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  1. Lynne says:

    Thank you for a fantastic day!! Really enjoyed it and lots of ideas. Looking forward to you working with the children in the morning.

  2. Debbie Taylor says:

    An absolutely fantastic INSET!!
    Lots of ideas to motivate and enthuse me, never mind the effect it will have on the children. I’ve already started to compile an interactive PowerPoint!
    Thank you

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