Bidston Avenue Primary School, Wirral: Day 2

| May 6, 2011 | 1 Comment 

What a delightful way to end our trip up to the Wirral: working with three sets of children today, here at Bidston Avenue Primary School. We really enjoyed the atmosphere in this school over the last two days. Laughter – big time – too.

This combination: of a training day, paired up with a day of lessons, gives us a lot of opportunity to explore the power of the digital/analogue mix.

I have always said that I don’t advocate using virtual worlds as an alternative to getting out and about in the analogue landscapes around us. (Although, it is a lot safer and a lot less insurance than a school trip!!) There is no better experience than taking a group of children out into the world.

It is powerful, though, to see that the experiences children have within the classroom settings, and the structured way these activities develop speaking and listening skills, have a big effect on the way their classes take part in trips and camps. Groups of children sharing ideas and solving problems collaboratively and creatively, using some of the skills they have acquired in their “virtual travels”.

Bidston place a lot of emphasis on REAL  experiences, enhanced by digital tools.

The use of the landscapes and the modelling of questioning techniques enable the pupils’ imaginations to take flight. It was delightful to see children today write with abandon.

I was impressed by the enthusiastic responses from the Bidston crew. They threw themselves into the challenges and came up with some inventive, imaginative ideas. All with a lot of laughter. Thanks folks!

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  1. Stuart Brady says:

    I was fortunate enough to take part in all of the sessions at school today. Each slot catered for all children, no matter their needs. I saw a cross-section of ages (yrs 2, 4 & 6) and felt, first hand, the power of game-based learning.

    The children and staff were immersed in a virtual world, that we could only otherwise access in our dreams!

    We have already purchased Myst III and IV for experimentation across the school and staff are inspired to try something new. Staff have used many of the web 2.0 (free) stuff that you demonstrated yesterday, plus others have begun to create multi-modal resources to further enhance the teaching and learning at Biddy Ave.

    A big thank you to Tim and Sarah – you have been a breath of fresh air over the last two days, and who knows, maybe the impact will be felt next week (SATs).

    Travel safely and we’ll meet again soon!

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