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| May 13, 2011 | 2 Comments 

A pleasure to be in Cardiff taking part in the  ICT for Education Magazine Conference at Cardiff City Football Club. We started with a workshop looking at games, still images, panoramas and Web2 resources to bring literacy and so much more to life.



Thank you to Mark Davies, ICT Co-ordinator / teacher @ The Dell Primary School for recording his thoughts on the first session:

Today I attended the Cardiff ICT Conference, as a Primary School teacher at The Dell in Chepstow I was interested in seeing how I could develop my skills and range of teaching to make it more effective and challenging for my pupils. Basically I wanted to discover what was out there on the thing they call the Internet. After, an interesting journey down in a Land Rover with my charismatic head teacher, we arrived, had breakfast and started to look around the exhibitors. At 8:45 we wandered down to the Tim Rylands (the bald one) seminar to see how he was going to inspire me to bring more ICT into my classroom (and outside)! And he certainly inspired me, the style, energy and passion of the seminar had me glued to him and the screen for an hour. So many resources, which one to try first? Took a photo of the web link so I can go home and look into them more.
The stand out link for me was Switcheroo Zoo, which allows you to make up your own animals using different parts of ones that already exist and then investigate what sort of habitats they would live in – perfect for my Science lessons at the moment.
Another unique moment was using the game ‘Epic Citadel’ as a backdrop to telling a story about pickpockets and then hot seating the pickpocket and his wife!

At the end of the hour I came away thinking, wow! I never knew there were so many free resources on the Internet. I am now sitting in Cardiff City Football Stadium writing this as I wait for lunch… and then the next seminar from Tim which promises to be just as inspiring as the first.



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  1. Hi Tim,

    Felt compelled to leave a message of thanks – an absolutely fantastic brace of talks which left me feeling incredibly inspired and excited about teaching literacy next week! Diolch yn fawr iawn!

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you for your kind feedback. We really enjoyed ourselves today too. Let us know which of the many you try.
    ATB Tim

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