Photosynth II

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Have YOU tried PhotoSynth yet? Photosynth offers two styles for creating immersive 3D experiences: synths and panoramas… and now it’s mobile too.

You can tilt and turn your way around a sight, zooming in on closer detail, and it is remarkably simple to create these engaging experiences.

Choose a panorama when you can capture everything from a single location with a single zoom level. Great for giving a sense of what it feels like to be in a one particular place. Can be 360° in both directions, but doesn’t have to be. Panoramas are simple to navigate – you can go left/right, up/down and zoom in/out.

Synths are good for capturing different sides or details of an object. More complex to navigate than panoramas because you are moving from photo to photo., and somewhat more complex to create.

To make panoramas from your desktop, install Image Composite Editor and the Photosynth application.

To make synths, just install the Photosynth application.

The Photosynth app is available now for iOS (iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPod Touch fourth generation, and iPad 2) in the iTunes App Store.
(This is slightly ironic, as it a Microsoft concept, and it isn’t available on other phone systems… yet).

To make panoramas from your iPhone, get the Photosynth App from Apple’s App Store.

I have tried it on a few scales: sat inside a car, and out in the great wide open. Both have problems but still end up being remarkable, speedy, ways to remember somewhere, and explore it again later. Try it in a room with a group who aren’t able to sit still, and you get some gloriously, almost Picasso-like, mix ups. Worth exploring and developing this aspect, and turn it in to a strength in art project perhaps.

I wanted to give a shout out for PhotoSynth again, as I think it has a lot of additional potential now it has gone mobile. It might also be a good end of year challenge for some pupils: to make a virtual tour of the school they are leaving, for example, whether using the mobile, or desktop, version.

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  1. Matt Gowen says:

    The Photosynth Preview is even more fascinating – more advanced than the prior 360 degree panorama version.

    Created quite a few of these a couple of years ago. Take quite some persistence as you have to take all the pictures then upload to the site…wait for a while and so long as the pictures have enough common elements, the web engine produces a thing based on creating a 3D model so objects morph between photos using perspective. You can do paths, focus around a model or the more traditional 360 degree version. Here are some from my Synths :

    Round an object…breakfast table in our kitchen – Dec 2013 so xmas placemats :

    Path – end result of building project at work :

    Panorama type one – Chateau de Falaise, France :

    Again, with the website for Preview…you just take your images with your device then upload the sequence…tell it the format…then wait…

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