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The blog might be a bit quiet and sandy for a few days as we are over in the west of Ireland for a few days of analogue/digital learning at #LOB11 For example: we are all set to paint the horsebox ready to act as a LOB shelter.

The focus for lob11 is outdoor exploration, new technology and learning in the broadest sense. We are making some time and space available to explore the workings of environment and activity and how they can be combined to lock in delight in informal learning situations. You don’t have to do anything, just turn up with an open mind and take part. The tone is democratic with systems in place for dialogue and for every voice to be heard. New thinking and learning is what is on offer. The Lob was created by John Davitt and is now in its second year.

We would like to say a huuuuuuuuuge thank you to  John & Angela Davitt for putting us up at their gorgeous farmhouse for a few days as the preparations for the event take place.

We are looking forward to a lot of things including the beachmeet and the digital ceildh.

The aim for the lob11 unconference is to explore some of the core issues that underpin active learning approaches. A key outcome for the event will be the development of principles to inform the future design of outdoor learning events – a task that was powerfully begun at lob10 last year. A second aim will be to explore how simple and effective we can make formative feedback in an outdoor desk-free setting and enquire what it really means to “leave no trace” Perhaps there is too much chair, too much head down and too little talk and hand to the tiller feedback in many formal learning and conference situations.

In the words of John:

What we want to remind ourselves what opportunities accrue when we break free of desks and chairs. The plan is that there will be little sitting down at this event – unless you want/need to.

Solivitur ambulando will be our watchword – “it is solved by walking” Prepare for three days of movement, telling stories and making things. There will also be a focus on the effective use of mobile technology with treasure hunts and Google mappage.

A visual image of intention is thrown up by Irish writer Flann O’Brien in his book the Third Policeman where he details what happens when people ride a bike too long and the molecules get exchanged till severe cases become 70% bicycle and can only stand up by leaning on the wall ( more explanation here ) Perhaps we have become 50% chair and screen and lob11 is a search for an antidote or an innoculation 🙂

We will be using some tags and QR codes on the beach to explore, run treasure hunts and to annotate environment and build a narrative that others can access after we have gone and our shadows play no more across the strand.

So come one – come all, you lobsters! More to follow from the other side of the beach…

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