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The third of our sessions ICT for Education Magazine programme, and this time at the Brighton Metropole Hotel, in Brighton.

This conference, as with the others in the series, draws upon on both local and national ICT expertise. The aim is to focus on the issues of both teachers and schools, as well as a vendor exhibition showcasing solutions.

ICT for Education’s ICT Reviews Live! took its second spin, reviewing educational products and services in a live environment, considering their capabilities and costs, and giving the opportunity to have a say in suppliers’ product development plans.

The live review session was run by Matt Hogan, head of ICT, Eaton Bank School. Matt also leads product reviews for ICT for Education Magazine. It was good to chat with him about his policy of being realistic about the products he gets to see, and also how he insists on trying them out with students. He told us the amusing tale of a large lorry turning up outside his house and offloading a huge laptop trolley, in to his living room, for him to review before it got returned!  🙂

Matt has been head of ICT at Eaton Bank School in Cheshire for seven years. He started his career at Sandbach School before moving on to St Nicholas Catholic High School, Northwich. He has been involved in handheld technology projects and the development of virtual learning environments.

It is always a joy to meet up with Steve Bunce,  the pun king of the twitter world. (@stevebunce)

Steve works for Vital, a Department for Education sponsored project that is delivered by the Open University and aims to support ICT CPD for schools. He is the manager for the north east of England and organised the superb Story Tyne event we took part in during October last year. Steve has taught in primary, middle and secondary schools. Time as an ICT coordinator led to an ICT advisory role in a local authority for over eight years. Steve has a passion for innovative technologies, including the use of video games for learning and digital storytelling.

It was also good to meet up with some of the other presenters here today.

Jodie Collins, (@jodieworld) ICT coordinator and ICT teacher, South Rise Primary School.

Jodie is a self-confessed geek and loves all technological advances. Her priority is ensuring that technology is embedded seamlessly across the curriculum. Jodie’s current focus is on the use of ICT in literacy lessons to enhance learning and engage students, particularly those with barriers to learning. Jodie was the 2010 London and south east winner of the Becta teaching award for next generation learning.

Juliette Heppell, (@julietteheppell)Head of PHSE Citizenship and Community Cohesion, Lampton School, Hounslow

Juliette is a secondary school citizenship, ICT and politics teacher at Lampton School. She is passionate about working with pupils to engage them in their learning – real student voice – and encouraging the community to become involved in schools too. Juliette believes none of this would be possible without the technology we have today. As a result of her work with new technologies as learning tools, Juliette has become a consultant for the BBC and the V&A, and works with the Association of Citizenship Teachers to develop citizenship in schools. Juliettte has been a member of staff at Lampton since 2006 and is working on a Masters in Leading Innovation and Change in Education at St Mary’s University, London.

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  1. Pip williams says:

    fantastic presentations today – we really enjoyed it, particualrly the fire drill!

  2. What a delight and privilege to be at the same conference as Tim let alone speaking at the same one!
    Two fantastic presentations by Tim – both jam-packed full of useful and (mostly) free.
    Looking forward to Reading!

  3. That’s free tools!*

  4. Kate Cheal says:

    Thank-you for two fantastic sessions full of great new ideas and tools – I will now spend a happy weekend constructing a scheme of work for September to include lots of gaming scenery aspects – oh, and sourcing green material for my first foray into green-screening! Really inspirational sessions that my pupils will benefit from – thanks again!

  5. Alan Craven says:

    Thanks for the two sessions at ICTfor Education in Brighton. Came away with lots of new toys to play with. An inspiring day.

  6. Was a pleasure to meet you! 2 great talks and a wealth of ideas to take away and try….. already used a few of the sites and the students are loving the fun 🙂

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