Worcestershire Middle School Heads Conference

| June 16, 2011 | 5 Comments 

Today we had the pleasure to spend time with a really smiley bunch of First, Middle and High School heads and ICT Coordinators at the Worchester Middle School Heads Conference at The Holiday Inn, Stratford-Upon-Avon.


This is also a group of folk who know how to laugh!

We investigated the power of technology, but also how it fits in to a broad curriculum, to create real impact within a classroom, and outside it. The mixture of analogue, and digital, is a key element that makes many of the things we cover, come alive. Getting outside with handheld and portable technologies, but also, bringing the outside world in to the school environment.

Thanks to Dave Doubtfire, head Walkwood C of E Middle School,for inviting us along to the conference. Thanks too to Dave, for recording his thoughts on the morning:

While listening to Sarah and Tim today I have been reflecting on the idea of games and challenge. I have a passion for mathematics, for me the ultimate philosophical thinking, not just and art and certainly not a science but definitely a game, a challenge, a vehicle for thinking.

I was listening to radio 4 and they introduced a teacher who was making good progress in numeracy. Asked how she did it, she said well I like to make maths into a game. I wanted to run to BBC studios grab hold of her shake and say “you do not have to make it into a game, it already is a game!”

Look, we have to understand the psychi of children, the new technological age but something tells me that we all engage in the game ideology in fact we need it, if we didn’t why are pub quizzes and game shows so popular. If we can use this vehicle to stimulate minds, develop language, motivate those pupils who are so reluctant to engage, apply ideals and strategies to a range of curriculum subjects, empathise, develop role play, create, design, solve problems or just think; in a way I have seen Sarah and Tim doing today, we cannot fail to develop excited and inquisitive learners.

What Sarah and Tim have done is; provide us with ICT tools and resources, that will spark children’s imagination, take them to anywhere there imagination wants to go and inspire them to explore, create, talk and investigate. More importantly they have done this in a way that promotes effective learning, that is based on the principals of educating the whole child in all aspects of the curriculum and indeed the hidden curriculum.

It confirms my belief that education is not about content, that technology has a huge role to play in developing the mind and that I need to challenge myself if I am truly to inspire young people.

Thanks Dave. And thank you to all of the other colleagues here today too, for a fast paced whizz through some of the opportunities, and for your sense of humour …AND… for rising to challenges in style. 🙂

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  1. Paul Essenhigh says:

    Great thought provoking presentation, time to take this back to school and try things out!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks Paul. I am glad you found some useful things to “nick”. Enjoy you experiments and… take it one tool at a time. Onwards…

  3. Neil Mills says:

    Thanks for an inspiring morning… I’m already cooking up lessons to try a few ideas out.

  4. Steve Charlton says:

    Thanks Tim for a brilliant morning at Middle School Heads’ Conference
    You are a clearly an inspirational teacher and ICT is only a part of your armoury
    I must get you to work with Literacy Coordinators I laugh and learned so much

  5. Tim says:

    Thanks for this lovely feedback . We look forward to coming back to Worcestershire some time

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