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Switched off, computers make lovely, but expensive, paperweights

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Really fun to be back in the world of digits. But, even though they can bring such incredible, wondrous, joyful surprises, it was still gorgeous to have a bit of a break from computers this summer. I would heartily recommend it.

A few thoughts from Almost Analogue August:

  • How do I set a laser printer to stun?
  • There is more than one satisfying way to boot a computer
  • All computers run at the same speed… with the power offDominique

I mean… it’s not as if they’re real, or feel anything… is it?!!!

Or do they?… Meet Dominique:

Comes in all flavours and sizes… or, will do.

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Still waiting…

iVariety Continue Reading


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Found a plant, or minibeast, and you haven’t got a clue what it is called? Try identifying it through iSpot.

iSpot is really a great way to get a class finding, and identifying, wildlife around the school, or neighbourhood, adding to data about habitats too.

As part of Open Air Laboratories (the OPAL project,), the The Open University launched iSpot in 2009. iSpot helps beginners learn how to identify wildlife, get in touch with wildlife experts, and go on to get involved in wildlife survey and conservation.

On iSpot, people can upload digital photos, and/or descriptions, of the species they’ve seen, and are encouraged to try identifying it for themselves.

Other users on the site can click a button to show they agree with the identification, or, if it’s not correct, they can add an alternative suggestion.

See also the iSpot online identification keys and the OU’s Neighbourhood Nature course. If you have any questions, contact iSpot:

Hutton CE Primary School, North Somerset

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What a lovely way to start this academic year with a local school and a short trip through the Somerset countryside, to Hutton CE Primary School,

Thank you to Helen Howe, for recording her thoughts on today:

Today at Hutton CE Primary School, we were invited – enticed even – by Tim and Sarah to explore unknown worlds and technology as a stimulus to develop speaking and listening, and writing skills. There was a plethora of inspirational ideas to use with children of all ages. Continue Reading


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The Geograph Britain and Ireland project aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland, and you can be part of it, by adding images of those familiar landmarks.

As it is”a geography project for the people”, could your school contribute by taking photographs of your locality?

See the guide to good Geographing, and contributors’ quickstart guide for useful tips.

On the site, there is are also a few games to play. The best one, which could be very useful if doing a mapping project, shows a picture and asks you to move a blue circle to where, exactly, that picture was taken. This means you have to really study the OS Map symbols to guesstimate the location.