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I have to admit that I am more of a words man than a numbers chap. (I took two maths tests recently, and failed three!)However, over the summer holiday, my daughter Ellie and my sister Kathleen got me in to their present obsession: Sudoku

Here is an online version that you might be able to use on a whiteboard with a whole class: websudoku

I did the Times sudoku in just three, yes, THREE …um…days!


Expect Great Things!

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Thank you to the wonderful Bob Greenburg, and his class, for sharing the latest (and first for this year) of their Brainwaves videos.

His school experienced an earthquake, hurricane Irene, and they were relocated to another building, because of construction problems… all in the first few days of this new school year. As Bob says: “We are resilient and we expect great things. Join us as we prepare for the future. You matter”.

Powerful eh? Follow Bob on Twitter.

Worksheets -don’t always, and Adrian

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I have mentioned this before but, at the start of a new school year, I think it is worth flagging up again: A superb thought jogger to go by the printer courtesy of Adrian Bruce, who I have respected for his generosity with his innovative learning materials, and for running with The Epic Challenge

With social media such as Twitter, the world of education is becoming an increasingly generous place.If you have an idea that works, the best way of finding out what else you can do with it, how it can be developed and used best to the advantage of our children, is… share it!

Adrian’s site contains a vast amount of genuinely useful, inventive and imaginative ideas, games, posters and interactive elements.

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