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| September 5, 2011 | 2 Comments 

Wild Sanctuary have made a navigable tour of the Earth, using either Google Maps, or better still, Google Earth.

With Earth Wild Sanctuary you can explore hotspots where recordings of wildlife, from that locality, can be triggered.

This is a great tour around the globe and a superb collection of good quality soundscapes or clips, some of them quite long, which give a real sense of a setting and the animals within it. Like the sound of it? Enjoy your journey.

Identity crisis

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This did make me sit up and think when a, somewhat startling, message appeared as I deleted a profile proforma about an upcoming conference… 🙂

North Durham ICT To Inspire Project

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Today we had a very enjoyable time at the Education Development Centre in Spennymoor, Durham, for a training day with staff from 8 schools coming together from two previous cluster groups.

Thank you to Heather Kemp,  Headteacher, South Stanley Infant and Nursery School, and Inez Burgess, Headteacher, Anfield Plain Juniors, for organising our visit. Continue Reading