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Firefox Video Download Helper

| September 7, 2011 | 0 Comments 

Following on from our recent “quietube” entry on getting round some restrictions, here is one of the best methods:

There are many browsers these days, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Chrome, Safari, Firefox (and even Explorer!) offer interesting angles on trawling the web.

The most useful Firefox extension for me recently has beenĀ Video DownloadHelper.

It does just what it says on the tin: helps you download videos, (and other files) from almost any site that contains them. I leave it to you to consider copyright etc.. and please do.

This could be useful if a huge, (potentially powerful site, containing a massive amount of utterly innocuous, yet priceless, archive material, of many forms, useful in education) is blocked at school.

By the way, have you seen all of the fun stuff there is over at Ewe Tube?

Borrow Wood Primary School, Derby – Day 2

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Our second day at Borrow Wood Primary School, Derby, and oh what fun we’ve had.

This truly is a joyful school! All of the staff, whatever their roles, are skilled professionals, with a warm rapport with their pupils. This shows in the children. A day of explorations and challenges with children, from across the school, who could assess when to fly with gusto, and when to wait for the next gem to fall, in hushed anticipation. What a great way to go wandering in worlds of words.

With the staff who were sat in amongst the children, we looked more closely at the activities you can do with children, across the age range in a primary school, based on visual literacy, to raise “standards” and levels of creativity. Continue Reading