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Little Bird Tales

| September 9, 2011 | 3 Comments 

Little Bird Tales is a site where you, or your children, can upload your drawings and record your voice for each picture to create your story.

Little Bird Tales is a storytelling site created by two parents who wanted to help children create digital books they could easily share with others.

It is easy to upload or draw pictures using an integrated digital art pad, add text and add a voice, narration, or sound effects, to each page. Finished tales can then be shared via email, or you can embed them on to websites or download MP4s to a range of devices.

Little Bird Tales “was created to help nurture children’s creativity and imagination while simultaneously creating one of a kind childhood treasures that can easily be shared”.

Little Bird Tales are “dedicated to providing a safe web environment for children, free of advertising, merchandising and links to other sites”. They pride themselves on being a carefully moderated, and monitored, site and stories can be set to different levels of accessibility: shared with chosen users, or public.

All tales set to “public” are moderated before they are placed in the public library.

Should a tale not pass their moderation standards for any reason, they will email you to let you know what you can do to make your tale appropriate for public viewing.

Little Bird Tales is a really easy-to-use tool and could be great fun for early years children, giving them a real reason to polish up and revise a piece of writing and develop their speaking, or reading, voice. Also useful for those who would benefit from another way, other than writing, to record their creativity.

Why stick to just “stories”? How about using it as a way to record a set of instructions, an advertisement or poem etc?

This relates well, and not only in the feathered way, to the excellent Storybird, which you can read about in this post.