Day 1 Danish ICT To Inspire Project- Helsingør, Denmark

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The first of three days in this visit to Denmark and a workshop day for schools at municipality level in Helsingør (Elsinore), some 50 km North of Copenhagen, in the new “Culture Yard”  Uddannelseshuset (The Learning House). And, what a day!

The idea behind today has been a long time in the planning with some wonderful people adding ideas and creativity from far and wide.

To be in a really stylish setting helps a bit of imaginative thought. You couldn’t get more inventive than The Culture Yard. It was created in the old shipyard in Elsinore harbour. It is really a 13,000 square metre experience centre, and a new centre for cultural activities in Elsinore.

The culture center is the first step in a large-scale revitalisation of Elsinore’s old wharfs. The landscape project Culture Harbour Kronborg will emphasise the unique position of Kronborg Castle, strengthen its outer fortifications and modernise Elsinore Harbour.

At the same time, a unique maritime museum is being built in a former dry dock.

Students, from twelve schools in the area, came to the centre and started off in the unique setting of The Grotten, a tiered auditorium, and a great place for a bit of story telling.

After hearing the start of our tale, the students headed off around the building, out in to the town, industrial areas, and Elsinore Castle itself, – to plan a continuation of the saga, and think of inventive ways to present their results. Some planned in great detail (even using MindMeister to map out their plots).

Others sprinted, cameras in hand, out in to the local environment, taking artistic photographs, and film, of their characters in different locations. All then returned to base and started to bring these images alive in their own ways.

We used Tiltshift Maker to create miniaturize characters, or to highlight a significant region within a landscape or portrait.

Psykopaint gave the chance to turn photographs into paintings. Using the provided brushes (strokes, polygons, particles, shapes, ribbons, geometrics etc) and start painting on top of your image. Blend modes like darken, hardlight, multiply, overlay, accentuated different feelings.

After images, we played with words, picking them up and juggling them. Tagxedo, especially when used in its full screen (“player only”) mode, means you can explore your carefully chosen collection of vocabulary, bringing it alive, as you speak. Here is one that breathes life in to the Pickpocket tale.

Jamstudio was the tool of choice for generating some stunning soundtracks which really enhanced the performances of the students stories.

Thank you to Anne-Marie Schæffer, (Sprogkonsulent, Center for Politik og Organisation, Uddannelseshuset), Claus Berg, (Chief Adviser, EMU, Educational Portal) all of the pupils and teachers today for a truly memorable experiment in visual and auditory magic.

Anne-Marie kindly wrote her observations on the day’s events for us here:

What´s up in Elsinore , DK?

Students all over… taking pics and talking in English..?

Kronborg Castle, and its surroundings, are buzzing with life- a visitor, Tim Rylands from the UK is in town… inspiring a group of thirty  8th graders from twelve local schools to make stunning presentations with their computers…

Today the Culturewarf  is hosting a most unusual event where digital natives create, tell and present in English and via IT -by the end of the day they will be reborn as Storytellers presenting to their peers from all schools.

In the evening their parents and a number of interested audiences will gather for Tim Rylands´ presentation of his prizewinning experience with students in UK. Since 2005 where Tim won a prestigious ICT prize, The Becta Award for best ICT practice he and his partner, Sarah Neild, another BECTA awards finalist, have travelled to many international conferences and meetings to share their powerful knowledge and creativity with educationalists and students… wherever they go it seems to be contagious… it is great doing this… it´s something new… it´s really a great way of working with our computers…, students say

Tim told them the intriguing story of a pickpocket roaming the streets of Elsinore, meeting up with a female counterpart, deciding to unite as one-in other words have a baby. Then a horrible thing happened: 9 months later a baby was born with a clenched fist! The midwife was screaming because of the horrible sight, and the parents, who´d hoped to have created the most successful  pickpocket on Earth, looked flabbergasted and disappointed by the result of their efforts… what should they do with that horrible situation?

That question was left to be answered by the pupils-and Tim had not only told it by words but by using a number of amazing, innovative web 2.0 tools. After a short intro on how to use the various tools Tim sent the students off to work-and hectic activity followed: 

Whau man-Cool! Did you see what he did with those pics… I´ve got the idea… I know … let´s, go to Kronborg Castle and take some  shots…

Thank you Anne-Marie!

The evening event was very well attended – an open invitation to the community resulted in over 100 teachers, parents, students and other interested parties, including a group of students and their very enthusiastic and knowledgeable media tutor from a ‘continuation school’.

We celebrated the amazing results produced by the students during the day, and explored further the wealth of Free Web2 tools available.

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  1. Christian Olesen says:

    Great and inspiring evening. Great tools.
    My son had a great day on the course today


    Caspar and Christian

  2. Tim says:

    You are welcome. What a great job the students did eh?
    I hope you have a fun time trying things out too

  3. Patrick Andersen says:

    Nice. I become very inspired and now i will use this in the school



  4. Caspar Olesen says:

    Hey Tim, my dad wrote earlier that your show was so nice, but then i came to think, could u maybe send me the start of Pick One… Any One… Becase i am to present your tools in School tommorow, and i would like to tell Them that story 🙂 Thanks.


  5. Annemette Ottesen says:

    Tim, thanks for wonderful and entertaining 1½ hour! I asked you before I left, whether you knew about Another fantastic program for free, which I have now reminded you about 🙂

    Thanks again!
    Annemette Ottesen

  6. Tim says:

    Hi Caspar
    Great to hear from you and sorry for not getting back to you sooner – our emails don’t seem to be going – sorry
    Well done for what you did
    I don’t have the complete story written down anywhere I am afraid
    If you go to there is a video of me telling the story in a different setting but it might help
    All of the links are on the site too
    Sorry I cant be of more help at the moment
    Keep in touch and get me know how you get on
    All the best for now

  7. Tim says:

    Thank you so much Annemette for reminding me about Thank you, too, for your very kind feedback. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on with any of the things we shared at the event.
    I am going to go paint(.net)ing now 😀

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