Day 2 Danish ICT To Inspire Project- København, Denmark

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Day 2 of our ‘Danish ICT To Inspire Project’, today in Copenhagen (København), Denmark, at Educational IT, Artillerivej Copenhagen.

An all day workshop with teachers and students, and a ‘Show and Tell’ session for school leaders, ICT consultants and others. The idea of today, was to bring students, and teachers, from across the region together, and then giving them challenges and some digital tools they could use to tackle those challenges.

We took the story of The Pickpocket that has grown and grown over some time, and retold tales of the next stages of the couple’s dillema in modern settings. The students were so inventive. They headed out, with cameras, in to the local environment, and photographed interesting settings, artefacts, and characters. An unsuspecting police horse even featured in one story! It was raining at some stages and even that didn’t stop them. In fact, it seemed to add a layer of mystery, intrigue and darkened atmosphere to their art.


Again today we explored Tiltshift Maker to create miniaturize characters, or to highlight a significant region within a landscape or portrait, and Psykopaint  to explore turning photographs into paintings. This really made us take note of some unseen elements in the pictures, bringing worlds of words from static images.

And, again, after images, we played with words, picking them up and juggling them with Tagxedo, especially when used in its full screen (“player only”) mode, means you can explore your carefully chosen collection of vocabulary, bringing it alive, as you speak.

Then of course the brilliant Jamstudio, for generating some stunning soundtracks, Gadwin for screen capturing, and finally, PowerPoint to gather together and present their ideas. To present and perform, using new technology

There are many people we would like to thank for today and sorry if we miss anyone: our technical team, who rose to some complex challenges to ensure that the day ran smoothly included the remarkable competent and patient Kim de Neergaard and Alex Thaysen Jensen. The Two Torbens deserve our thanks for their enthusiasm and up-for-it-ness. A huuuge thank you to Jette Risgaard for her laughter, smiles and warm, friendly hosting.

We may be able to add other pictures and tales from today but Tim is desperate to go add play on the Segway he has been lucky enough to borrow. News of a bald chap falling in to the Copenhagen harbour could be true!

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  1. Lars Nielsen says:

    Hi Tim
    Thank you for a very interesting ( and funny) afternoon.
    The one thing I brought home is (qouted from memory) “even if you do know how to use these programes it is better to pretend you don´t”
    I don´t teach anymore but work as a principal, but i meet this line of thinking so often in dialogue with teachers ” oh we have to know much more than the pupils”.This is just not possible, so the risk is that you “slow things down”. The teacher has to know something else than the pupil instead – the goals and the general direction. Thats just my thoughts on a lot of usefull information. Lars Nielsen Højdevangens Skole

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