Day 3 Danish ICT To Inspire Project- København, Denmark

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Day 3 of our Danish ICT To Inspire Project-in Copenhagen (København), Denmark, this time at the UNI-C headquarters, Copenhagen.

What a great way to end our big week in Denmark: a morning event in the form of a workshop for publishers representatives from the manufacturers who will exhibit at the UFO, and a focus on inspiring future digital learning resources. Our aim was to explore how these Danish publishers could not just extend their analogue products in to digital formats, but how they could expand in to whole new ways of structuring their ideas, thus bringing the world of learning alive even further.


In the afternoon ‘EMU VIP Café’ in the form of an afternoon event for employees from across The Ministry of Education, UNI-C and other agencies/authorities, and a wide range of external partners too. In this session, we showed a huge collection of Web2.0 and gaming technologies that we have found have a massive impact in the classroom.


This was a much slower exploration of real learning experiences, and gave us a chance to look at some of stunning results the students here in Denmark have achieved during our visit and time exploring new ideas with them.

A MASSIVE thank you to Claus, Finn and countless others, who have made this trip to Denmark so wonderful. We are really looking forward to our next two visits before Christmas, and to maybe working with you all again soon.

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