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… as if it registered my presence.

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Tim, I wanted you to read this fantastic piece of work written by a 10 year old girl in my class. Having attended one of your workshops a few years ago I have been (to my children’s delight) using MYST Exile in my class . Jess joined me a week ago and was at once inspired to write… I think her results are stunning!

Joan Brennan, Year Six Teacher, The Blake C of E Primary School, Witney, OXON

Before me loomed a vast arid landscape. The scorching hot sun burnt my skin. Scrutinizing the enormous sandy ricks, I seared for any sign of life! It seemed to be deserted apart from a few dehydrated bushes and a large bird soaring above the rocks in search of prey!

The almost cloudless sky was a beautiful baby-blue and the colossal rocks looked like fossilized animals – a sleeping dragon, a whale, even a dog’s head. They looked eroded and worn out.

The smell of sand filled my nostrils and almost choked me. I could hear the whistling wind swishing and swooping in and out of the chimes behind me causing them to tinkle calmly and making me sleepy.

Turning slowly to face behind me, I cast one last glance at the hot, sandy landscape. Expecting to see more of the same, I was pleasantly surprised at what I was now viewing! The cobbled stone floor was as uneven as a ploughed field. Hesitantly, I titled my head up to the high, beautiful ceiling. Gorgeous yellow stained glass windows erupted like sunbeams from the centre of the ceiling. The lush green leaves looked healthy and well-watered.

I stood before a detailed teal blue door which opened as if it registered my presence. Cautiously, I entered an old abandoned study…

Jess, Year 6.

Well written Jess. I love the way that you make the landscape feel almost alive. Even the door seemed to know you were there. I would love to read more of your journey. Keep up these superb efforts.