Bredon Hill Middle School, Evesham

| October 3, 2011 | 2 Comments 

A thoroughly enjoyable day at Bredon Hill Middle School, in Evesham with staff and students.

The morning was a joyous time, with half a year group, 75 pupils, in the school hall with their teachers and visiting colleagues. We modelled some of the ways that virtual worlds can be used to inspire confidence and creativity in writing.

In our discussion with the staff after the sessions with the pupils, we picked apart the effectiveness of some of the games based elements, but also some of the teaching styles that spring from these opportunities.

  • How the resources used were not JUST visual. They became “real”, smelly, tactile and believable.
  • We found ourselves exploring all 5 senses without making it obvious we were doing so
  • All pupils were given encouragement and opportunities to build in some way. Whether it was social etiquette elements, writing, choice of learning style, extension out of comfort zones or more, they were “Up for a challenge!”
  • There was no “Right idea”. Even better, there was no “WRONG IDEA”. All efforts and contributions were rewarded.
  • Keeping children in suspense, like rattling the gates at the beginning of a horse race, meant that, when they were set free to record their thoughts and ideas, they were off and running.
  • High levels of engagement were translated in to rewarding experiences. It was more than just enjoyment; they applied that involvement and acheived a lot throughout the sessions.
  • And, in the words of one teacher, “It got ME thinking, flying, writing, dreaming and believing. I NEED to know what is round that corner, even if the children never get to find out!”

The afternoon brought together key staff ‘The A Team’ from across the school to look at a few of the ways that technology can be used. Thanks goes to Martin Belton for his support in this session. We made multimodal writing frames, explored online tools for use across all subjects like Tagxedo, and Rich Chart Live

… on the theme of ICT to enhance whole school literacy and learning.

Our final session of the day was a whirlwind tour of online resources available to extend and develop writing, interaction, creativity, collaboration, and so much more.


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  1. Emma and Karen says:

    Here is the first stanza of our poem we were asked not to write……!!

    We were struggling with what to write after our training today,
    But realised we’ve learnt loads so what can we say…

    A really informative session with lots of new ideas,
    To help us develop our teaching careers!

  2. Mrs Bartlett says:

    An inspirational and thoroughly interactive experience for students and staff. We met Mr Walker the magical walking stick in our story writing morning for Year 6 and was followed by a media-rich afternoon for staff.

    Looking forward to trying out the ideas.

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