Uttlesford Consortium Conference, Hilton London Stansted

| October 7, 2011 | 5 Comments 

Today was a fast paced exploration of many ways to inspire, and motivate, children of all ages, and abilities, with, and without, technology, alongside colleagues from the Uttlesford Consortium.

The schools joining us on this journey were  Debden Primary, Stebbing Primary, Clavering Primary, Radwinter Primary,  Great Easton Primary.  Henham and Ugley Primary,   Great Sampford Primary,   Chrishall PrimaryWimbish PrimaryRickling C of E Primary, Farnham C of E PrimaryAshdon Primary  and  Great Chesterford Primary.


Thank you, to Sarah Smith, the Consortium Manager for the Uttlesford Consortium, for organising our day. Thanks, too, to Damien Pie, other heads and colleagues, for hosting us here in Stansted.

And thank you to Gary Brown, Headteacher of Ashdon Primary School, for recording his thought about the day for us here:

The annual INSET of the Uttlesford Consortium of small schools at the Stansted Hilton. Looking forward to hearing Tim Rylands speak – the man who combined Myst with the literacy hour! I remember copying some of his activities in my Year 5/6 class a couple of years ago with excellent results – hopefully another inspiring talk today.

First session – Tim discussing how he came to use Myst in his teaching career – I am struck how so much of what he is describing is high quality teaching using ICT as a vehicle, rather than the be all and end all of learning. He also described the difference between boredom and frustration as the involvement of engagement – how true. A colleague wants to know if Myst comes with a Sat Nav as she struggles to get out of the first room – an interesting development point for the next version! As teachers get more and more involved in the game you can feel the frustration when Tim stops and moves on – this must be a good sign.

 Tim then models a year 1 /2 lesson – you can hear a pin drop as leads us all around a beanstalk and then up – his idea for using translators to re-phrase the questions is inspired – must use that in school to develop language.

Afternoon session – a whiz through the internet for resources that can help us in the classroom – absolutely inspiring ideas, although may now need a dark room to sit in as my head is beginning to hurt with creating text boxes that children can type into – Really is a worksheet for 2011 – hoping to go back to school and make a template.  Remember the helpsheet in the Locked Page.

We are now setting off, on another ‘real’ journey, to Heathrow, for a flight to Poland. Onwards, onwards. Thanks all here today. Enjoy YOUR travels 😀

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  1. Lauren says:

    What a truly inspirational day. Thank you so much Tim and Sarah for making ICT a fun and not so scary place!

  2. Tamsin says:

    You’re right Tim, I didn’t stop smiling all day 🙂 BRILLIANT!

  3. Alison says:

    Thanks to Tim and Sarah for an entertaining day full of practical ideas to try out with the children. I will be spending my weekend on powerpoint with the Tiger who came to Tea and on Wordle!!! Truly inspiring, thank you :o)

  4. Rusty says:

    Thanks for a great day. I went home and dug out my copy of Myst 3 that I disgarded in frustration to the back of the cupboard many moons ago. I knew there was a good reason never to throw anything away!

    The ‘locked’ section of your website is great and I already have resources to use Monday morning.

    Thank you Tim and Sarah

  5. Ian Pollard says:

    Hi Tim (&Sarah),
    Thank you for being an inspirational beacon of light in what is rapidly becoming an ever more constricting tunnel. Went away on Friday full of ideas, checked out a few of yours and in trying to solve one problem – how could we populate our own ‘globe of photos’ AKA taggalaxy came up with shape collage. Don’t know if you’ve come across it before (i’m sure you have but you’ll say no…wow… thanks for that) but it is really good and it’s free! I hope you have a great time in Denmark. Kind regards Ian

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