GAMEiT Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Another quick trip back to Denmark, for the GAMEiT Conference,

The GAMEiT Conference originates from the GAMEiT Project, which was funded with support from the European Commission.

The primary aim of the project was and is to “identify, collect, test and distribute good practice in game based learning”. Bringing together partners from Bournemouth University in UK, Fachhochschule Koblenz in Germany, University of Stavanger and Norwegian Association for Distance and Flexible Education in Norway and Zaxis and Viden Djurs in Denmark, GAMEiT represents the diversity of the field of game based learning today.

Each partner has been exploring one or more approach to applied game based learning, and the total sum of these valuable experiences are accumulated and communicated in a project handbook, which will be available in both print and digital versions by the end of the project.

Upon nearing the concluding phase, the project partners decided to end the project in the spirit it was initially started – “by gathering inspiring people together, aiming to share and uncover valuable knowledge in the field of games and learning”.

The topic is the intricate relationship between games, primarily digital ones, and learning, and new approaches to learning from and with games.

Educators, researchers, game developers, politicians and other interested parties meet to follow the newest tendencies field, exchange ideas, establish networks and – hopefully – find new exciting projects.

Thank you to Mathias Poulsen, and his countless colleague collaboarators, for a great day.

With his background in media studies, Mathias is primarily interested in the relationship between media and the user, and particularly the relationship between video games and learning processes. He is working closely with GameIT College in Grenaa, he’s a member of the Danish Game Council, and constantly navigating between researchers, game developers and educational practice in order to uncover the ways in which games can benefit education. Mathias is also part of the GAMEiT Project, and he’s also responsible for the GAMEiT Conference. At the GAMEiT Conference, Mathias is talking about how developing games from idea to selling the final product impacts student learning very positively, and he is complemented by students from GameIT College.

As promised, there is a link on the image to the procedure used to create the interactive game ‘Tottleville’ using PowerPoint. We hope you find this useful. If any further information is needed, please add a comment to this post and we will respond.

Some other ideas explored in the Question and Answer Session included the use of Kodu, Scratch, Little Wheel and 2DIY.

Ian Bogost’s book “How to do things with video games” got a mention, as did Game not the Gore, the research from Rochester University, which explored the psychology study shows that violence does not motivate video game players.

The whole aspect of how games based learning is less about games, more about looking at the learning which can flow from the games, was a common theme throughout the day.

There was almost TOO much to take in so follow the Twitter hashtag #GAMEiTconf to see some of the other developing themes. Thanks all.

Marshall McLuhan’s thought provoking (and possibly contentious) statement that “Anyone who thinks there is a difference between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either“, will be the phrase I shall take away from today.

As Seth Godin said (and learned through crowd sourcing) “Most people don’t think they are capable of initiative”. There is going to be no-one who is going to say “GO”! We need to prepare students for the outside world and encourage the taking of risks and first steps.

Education is one big exploratory. We may risk failure. But, by having the courage to fail, we may learn something new and go on to succeed big time.

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