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Sign of the times: All responsibility…

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Whilst out for a walk, spotted this sign in a pub car-park!

Anybody who wants to get rid of an old car, I can let you know where this place is.

Take your car along, blow it up and they will take responsibility!

From Twitter to Nintendo Wiis

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Andy Gaunt (@andygfarsley) is the head teacher at Greengates Primary School, Bradford. He has been in post 12 months. Andy’s story starts when he attended a Bradford headteacher’s conference in February 2011. During the conference the delegates were introduced to Twitter and were handed out iPod Touches and were asked to tweet throughout the morning.

This is the first time he had used Twitter and began to recognise the potential it had to ask for advice from a possibly huge audience. In the afternoon he attended a geocaching session delivered by James Langley (@lordlangley73) and Paul Scott (@pederosa) Teaching and Learning Consultants (ICT) for CBMDC.

During this breakout the delegates were taken out into hurricaneesque conditions to use GPS devices to discover historical areas of the city that are normally overlooked. Continue Reading


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Lunapic is well worth a deeper investigation than just the first page. It is a very easy to use image manipulator. Both fun and useful.

There are many, many different effects that you can add to your image.

I have heated up the Lunapic logo, and the two lads, from one of our events, to the right, are really reflecting on their work. Old movie scratches, rotating cubes of a few images, or even let your image be struck by lightning! The end results can be exported as gifs.

The ICT For Education Magazine Conference, Stockport

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The ICT For Education Magazine Conference, in Manchester – well, actually in Edgeley Park, Stockport, the home of Stockport County Football Club.

James Langley, ICT teaching and learning consultant, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council delivered a talk entitled: I wonder, as I wander!

James demonstrated how schools can use GPS technologies to set up a geocache trail within their own grounds or elsewhere. He discussed how geocaching projects can be made sustainable and how geocaching can be linked to any curriculum area, encouraging exercise, teamwork, problem solving, speaking and listening, perseverance and resilience.

James is involved in the development of bMobLe – Bradford Mobile Learning Network – and the effective use of mobile devices in the classroom. Continue Reading