Hawes Side Primary School & The Kaizen Network – Day 1

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Day of demonstration lessons at Hawes Side Primary School, Blackpool with The Kaizen Network.

Thank you to Michael Shepherd (@Smichael920 on Twitter) for this really fascinating and fantastic challenge filled invitation. What a thoroughly enjoyable day. The children were a great credit to the staff, and the other way around. A lot of development through the sessions, a lot of laughter, and a huge amount of superb ideas.

The Kaizen network is a group who share a similar philosophy around education and work together on a number of areas.  Their staff have shared twilight sessions each term and the children meet either virtually or face to face through our Teaching and learning Group or ‘Kidsmeet’.

There are six school in the North West as part of the network but they also work with a couple of schools in Australia and one or two more up and down the country.  Each year they try and have a joint INSET to enable the staff to get together and it often happens at Hawes Side (the biggest school).

The Kaizen Network are working together as Michael has written in this post entitled One step at a time!

Even the children at Hawes Side can tell you that Kaizen means ‘continuous incremental improvement’

 A group (originally six schools in the North West of England) felt that this is how they should operate so they started the Kaizen Network.

This has grown in to an innovative group of committed schools in Blackpool, Lancashire and New South Wales, Australia. They have devoted themselves to moving forward using the philosophy, and staff and pupils have fully embraced this.

The Kaizen network group was set up in February 2007 by four Blackpool Primary Headteachers who were keen to look specifically at teaching and learning to help break through the attainment plateau and to help make their children and young people better and more capable learners.

The Kaizen group consists of:

Hawes Side Primary School – Headteacher: (HT) Michael Shepherd,  Kincraig Primary School – HT: Jonathan Clucas, St. Bernadettes RC Primary School – HT Sean O’Hare, St. Nicholas C of E Primary School – HT Andy Mellor, Parklea Public School, New South Wales, Australia – Principal Ross Sutherland, Garstang St Thomas C of E Primary School – HT: Mrs Helen Ife, Leverhouse County Primary School – HT: Mr John Hurst, and now Robin Hood Primary, Birmingham. HT, Richard Hunter

The Kaizen teaching and learning group are working to help make learning more effective and fun. They believe that all children should have a stake in their own learning if they are truly to become independent and creative learners.

Before our visit, they have been looking at Chris Quigley’s work on Learning to Learn skills. These are skills that are pre-requisites for all children to develop the ability to learn independently.

Kaizen is Japanese for “change for the better” or “improvement,”

The English translation is “continual improvement.”

Great to see so much progress in all of the sessions today. We are really looking forward to stretching things, even further, with the staff tomorrow.

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