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Life After Death By PowerPoint 2

| October 21, 2011 | 1 Comment 

As we take a short break from this wonderful whirlwind of presentations, and so much more, we will get the chance to regroup and prepare for the travels ahead. New sessions are always popping up and, with them, the joy of developing new material.

To me, a white screen and little black writing, firing bullet(point)s at folk, is PowerPointless! I always enjoy stretching presentation media of many kinds. Avoiding Death by PowerPoint as often as possible.

Don McMillan’s updated version of his Life after Death by Powerpoint sketch is actually full of useful, thought provoking questions.
It does actually contain some very valid warnings to those who are new to the thought of presenting using…
(***The P word**) and it’s also very funny.

Hawes Side Primary School & The Kaizen Network – Day 2

| October 21, 2011 | 1 Comment 

Continuous change – a process, not an event, (as Michael Fullan stated)- is “the only way forward.

So say the the colleagues from the Kaizen Network of schools. The Kaizen Network is a way for this group of  innovative schools to work together, to share ideas, discuss concerns and find solutions. It enables staff and children to collaborate, to support and advise each other to the mutual benefit of all involved. Continue Reading