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“You don’t know me, but I know you…”

Smokescreen is “a cutting-edge game about life online”.

“We all use Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and MSN to keep up with our mates – and we’ve all heard the stories about parties on Facebook being mobbed, or people getting stalked on MSN. The question is, what would you do if it happened to you?”

Over 13 missions, Smokescreen follows the story of Max Winston and Cal Godfrey, two mates who’ve set up an exclusive social network called White Smoke. After Cal’s involved in a car accident and falls into a coma, White Smoke becomes huge – and starts attracting huge problems. Each mission sees you explore the world of White Smoke, and find out who you can trust – and who you can’t.

The game is played through simulated websites, instant messengers, and mini-games in the form of social network applications. It’s fairly straightforward with what you’re expected to do, but there is also a hint button to lean you in the right direction if you get stuck .

Smokescreen is quite an unusual game and won’t appeal to everyone, but it contains some strong, and thought provoking messages hidden within the game play.

There is some infrequent mild language on the Smokescreen site. Other than that, it’s hard to criticise the game when its aim is to educate people, especially when it manages to do so in such an engrossing and convincing way. Whilst it has been around for a while, there are some good updates to keep things relevant.

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