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myBrainshark is another way of putting a PowerPoint, or presentation online, to store, back-up, or share with others.

This is a free service and could be worth investigating.

@ SchoolForum on Technology & Learning Trends, Berlin

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The 3rd Berlin Forum on Technology & Learning Trends for Schools, titled Learning with Digital Media.

The School Forum has become the dedicated pre-conference event for teachers attending Online Educa Berlin. It is a platform for teachers, headmasters and experts from the world of technology and learning, to experience a combination of thought-provoking speeches and discussions, and a range of interactive demonstrations about useful and fun tools, projects and resources for teaching. Find the programme here.

We delivered a keynote talk, alongside Dr. Katja Kantelberg, expert in didactics and school education; and Wolfgang Willburger, Europaschule Hall, Austria, creator of the project “digital school bag” Continue Reading


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Springpad is a cloud-based note-taking and organizing application, along the lines of Evernote. Quickly & easily save anything you want to remember. Take a note, create a task, collaborate online, & with handheld devices.


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“Thinking systematically about a range of future possibilities can help us to be more considered in the decisions that we make now; and these decisions can help shape the future we want to bring about.”

Dan Sutch, Futurelab

Vision Mapper is a huge free online resource to support long-term planning in education. Vision Mapper provides a wide range of inspirational material and team activities to support long-term planning and decision making.


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Simplicity for a Saturday, and you may have herd (sic) of this one.

Cowhtello, a twist on the game of Orthello to play on a whiteboard.

Nothing complicated, but a great way to investigate logical, progressive, thinking.
Your mooooooooo-ve. Milk it for all its worth!

Come with me on a journey…

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Thank you to Julian Silverton, Middle School Science teacher, at Ecolint, Geneva for his reflections on a session:

48 students aged 11 and 12, carrying no passports, but equipped with a pencil, paper, enthusiasm and creativity sat, expectantly, waiting for the journey to begin. Yet, somehow, without us knowing it, it already had.

In front of us, projected onto the screen (though we would forget that it wasn’t real) we saw a tranquil scene……mountains in the background, a rocky landscape, a lake, some buildings – one with a smoking chimney – birds flying around Autumn trees. 48 pairs of eyes… what’s going to happen?

Tim Rylands (like dry lands, but without the duh), asked how they felt, what they saw, smelled, heard. What is going to happen? Where was this place? Was it even on Earth? One student commented it looked like a video game, (and others questioned why we could smell it!) …another that it was an alien world, maybe Saturn, but whatever and wherever it was, the scene was set for some creative writing. Continue Reading

Teachers Media – lesson starters (and more)

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Teachers Media is provided by the team behind Teachers TV.

This site contains a free library of over 3500 high-quality videos to support teaching and learning in your school and classroom.

  • Stream all the 3500 Teachers TV videos at the highest quality
  • Easily search and navigate the Teachers TV archive
  • Access and download documents and other resources linked to the videos
  • Use the popular Behaviour Challenge interactive training tools

One good example of a discussion starter is this film on posting pictures without people’s consent.

(This service is only available in the UK at the moment)

Rob – Paper Animations

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Thank you to David Eldridge for a nudge towards his friend Rob Ives paper animations site: Rob Ives .com.

Some of the individual techniques could be a great inspiration when pupils are doing a moving toys type D.T. unit, or creating Christmas novelties perhaps. Watch the stage by stage instructions or animations too.

The International School in Geneva, Day 3

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Our third day of this latest visit to The International School in Geneva, in Switzerland.

We have been doing a lot of experiments today, as ever, and more so. Well done to all those who took off and flew with new formats, new locations, new challenges, new outcomes, new techniques, new tempos, new “newnessnicity”.

We look forward to writing up the results of the innovations soon. In the meantime, thank you to James Smith, teacher, for jotting down his thoughts on some of the aspects of “around and before”. Continue Reading

Shall we go for a walk? Shall we? (Ecolint, Geneva Day 2)

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Thank you to Shireen Ali-Khan, a teacher at International School of Geneva, for recording her thoughts and refections on the different levels of what happened during some of the sessions at Ecolint Middle School, Geneva with the Year 8 pupils and their teachers:

Shall we go for a walk? Shall we?

After the build up to this invitation there is only one answer to this question…a resounding YES! And that very answer booms across the room with voices in chorus in search of a promised adventure in to a world of words and stories waiting to be created by their own hand.

Tim Rylands, master story teller, and inspirer of children, left the students wanting more!  On a rock solid foundation of non judgmental and respectful sharing, he wove his magic to the delight of the participants. Continue Reading

The International School of Geneva, Middle School, Day 1

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Our third trip to The International School in Geneva, in Switzerland.

Our previous two visits saw us taking part in The Pollens Pedagogiques Conference, and a great few days working alongside the children and staff of the Lower School.

With colleagues and students from the middle school, our focus today was ‘Talk for Writing using virtual worlds’. And, though there were many languages being used in the room, what fantastic talk there was! Continue Reading