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Today, at the WISE Conference, I felt that we needed some Babelfish implants to automatically translate some of the wonderful languages spoken by the 1200 delegates, from 120 countries.

(Of course, we could have tried Babelfish the website which took its name from Douglas Adams’ wondrous invention).

I was reminded of busuu.com, another way picking up new languages.

busuu.com is an online social network service that serves as a community language learning platform, where users can help each other to improve their language skills.

The website provides learning units for several different languages: Busuu*, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, French, Polish, Turkish. Learners can set up a profile, add one or more of these languages to their learning portfolio, work through the units at their own pace and keep track of their progress.

( *Busuu is an unclassified Southern Bantoid language of Cameroon).

We have not used this extensively, and would value any reflections from those that have tried it, or do use it.

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