World Innovation Summit for Education,in Doha III

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments 

The third day of the World Innovation Summit for Education, (WISE) in Doha, and a mission: to turn the remarkable discussion and oratory in to real, empowering change around the world.

It has been an honour to meet SO many remarkable, inspiring, innovative educators from across the globe. WE have learnt SO much this week.

It was a joy to finish our week with a small, informal, session on games, “Web2.0” and other methods to engage, motivate and inspire.

We gave a small gathering the chance to have a hands on, with a landscape in one of the virtual environments that we use as a a spring board for descriptive narrative.

We then set them off on some wandering in the world of web words, by leading them to a few simple, free, web based applications, that can be used to enhance learning experiences, and stretch thoughts, ideas, vocabulary and experiences.

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