Fairlands Middle School, Cheddar, Somerset

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How delightful it was, to wake up at home today, and then take the short trip to Cheddar, and the gorgeous Fairlands Middle School, for a day of wandering in the world of words.

We spent a great morning with two groups of sixty Year Six pupils. These children are a credit to their teachers, as they really knew how to take off and fly, to enjoy, and challenge, themselves, yet do so with respect and a sense of humour.

As many staff as it was possible to release, saw the sessions, and had the chance to analyse the analog teaching styles. Some key staff, including school leadership, were with us for both sessions. This gave them the opportunity to spot intentional behaviours that might be missed on a single observation.


In the afternoon session we further looked in to the teaching strategies with the teachers who had been with us in the morning, and intoduce the first of many digital resources, and how to “create your own”.

After school we shared a twilight session, about motivating pupils using technologies and a range of both analogue and digital techniques. Thank you all, for your laughter, and “up-for-it-ness”.

Thank you to Peter Elmy, Headteacher at Fairlands Middle School, and to all of his colleagues, and pupils, for a really fun day of exploration. What a pleasure it is to not have to travel too far home afterwards.

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