Wirral ICT to Inspire Project – Day 2

| November 9, 2011 | 9 Comments 

The second day of our Wirral ICT To Inspire project, at The Professional Excellence Centre, Acre lane, in Bromborough.

It is always fun to do a training day with staff from a variety of schools. It gives us, and them, a real chance to put some of the interactive technologies, speaking and listening tools, and more, in to place, both during, and after, the event. Twitter has started to spread and, with it, the power of interaction and spreading ideas.

A hum of animated discussion. 71 teachers are engrossed in Myst, exploring a new world. They are discussing strange and mysterious experiences. Relaxed and laughing letting themselves be taken on a learning journey through a wonderful landscape. Cries of anguish when they are asked to stop and listen to Tim. Sharing looks of amazement when clues are given as how to progress through the adventure. Rebellion when asked to press escape!!

People are sharing the adventure and talking about how they can translate this into the classroom and how they can enhance learning.  Learning is happening through talk and discussion. This will be wonderful for descriptive writing, the boys will love this. How can I use this in my classroom?

Inspiring galleries of children’s writing. All sorts of scribbly sticks large and small. Try not to be a spoiler!! Go out and try out the ideas Tim has shown you.

Gordon Lester
EQ Service and Development Manager

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  1. Andy Ryan says:

    GREAT!! What a truely insirational day. It’s not often you go on a course and come away with so many thoughts and practical ideas. Thank you.

  2. Paul Vine says:

    A fantastic day with great resources and wonderful ideas. Cannot wait to try some of the ideas with the children. Many thanks!

  3. Charlene says:

    What a fanastic day, very inspiring with lots of good ideas, web links and resources which I am now scrolling through on your ‘locked page’ I might even start looking at games in a different light as I started to become slightly hooked during the session today! I will have to invest in a modern phone and laptop now just so I access all the things. Im sure my class will benefit as I aim to take a different angle with some of my lessons. Thank you

  4. Lorraine Prescott says:

    Great day and as requested showed a ‘darling’, husband in my case the tag galaxy site. He’s a secondary art / sociology teacher and I almost got a hug lol…many thanks Tim, looking forward to using the myst game too.

  5. Sue Wilson says:

    Well it is really nearly ‘stupid o’clock’ to be leaving posts etc. But I promised myself I would after today with Tim and Sarah. Thank you for an inspiring day. I work in a Special Educational setting. There is nothing I could not use today.
    Thank you.

  6. Kellie Mckeown says:

    I had a great day, lots of ideas to take back to the classroom, already stored in my favourites on my laptop ready to show the rest of the staff. I know they will be excited because as you know we never have the time to find these wonderful resources!!!

  7. Jane Kenningham says:

    What a day! ICT to Inspire – it really did! I came away with so much to share with colleagues, pupils, my own children and my ‘darling!!’
    I look forward to introducing the magical Myst worlds to my class and the rest of the school and, although I know, realistically, I can only introduce a few of the websites and Apps to the rest of the staff at a time, I just want to share them all NOW!!
    Thank you for a fabulously fun and truly inspiring day. We hope to see you at our school one day in the near future.

  8. Mr_Elliott says:

    A BIG thank you very much to both of you – a riveting, inspirational and thoroughly enjoyable day that appealed to not only my inner geek(!) but our school’s focus on writing.

    I can’t tally the number of sites visited, software downloaded and brains stormed since I left today on how to integrate ICT more effectively across school and target the writing, especially our boys.

    Hope to arrange a time very soon for the three of you (don’t want Mr Walker to feel left out) to work in our setting and inspire even more adults and children alike.

    Next job: showcase multi-modal presentations at next week’s staff meeting!

  9. Diane Kenny says:

    Thanks Tim and Sarah a very thought provoking day. Lots of great ideas. I can’t wait to get started.

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