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A fun day in Birmingham for the ICT For Education Magazine Conference. This is the latest in a string of sessions, including Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Manchester, and the next will take place in Swansea on the 7th of December.

There was a raft of great speakers here today, in a really interesting two stream day.

Our sessions covered a lot of material. We hope that people left with some practical ideas to apply back in the classroom.

Thanks to our dear friend Kevin McLaughlin, ( @kvnmcl on Twitter ) for doing a Posterous write up, live, about some of the sessions today., and all on his phone!

We often show some of the great, innovative ideas that Kevin explores with his classroom. Read more about Kevin’s original techniques, and thoughts, on his blog: ICT Steps. Read all of Kevin’s thoughts on today here.

James Jordan, CLC operations manager, Birmingham CLC Service A regional view of education – will iPads save the day?
James is a lead researcher & practitioner in the innovative use of information technology to enhance learning across all aspects of the education sector. He is a passionate advocate of the use of emerging  technologies to engage pupils & to deliver effective & efficient teaching.

(Read @kvnmcl ‘s write up HERE)

Daniel Locke-Wheaton, Assistant Headteacher e-learning and sixth form, Great Barr School ICT in school: Leading e-learning on a shoestring budget

Daniel has spent the past five years as assistant headteacher at Great Barr School, one of the UK’s largest secondary schools with 2,500 students and over 300 staff. His presentation covered national changes in ICT and described the huge strides his school has taken in e-learning and school management through the adoption of emerging technologies and educational environments built on SharePoint and Moodle. Daniel also discussed the ICT challenges facing schools in these times of austerity.

ICT in school: Sprogs with blogs
David Mitchell, acting headteacher, Heathfield Primary School

Faced with the age old problems of driving up standards and getting pupils engaged, David started blogging with his year 6 class. A combination of the blog, a host of web2.0 tools and a global authentic audience saw Level 5 writing scores for SATs rise from 9% to 60% in 12 months.

David showcased a range of posts and blogs produced over the past two years that unlocked the potential of his pupils. He is now on a mission to spread blogging to schools around the world through his QuadBlogging project. Delegates left knowing how to get started with blogging and armed with hints and tips to help them begin their blogging journey.

A key message from Dave was that it is not “If you do what you did you’ll get what you got”, it is “If you do what you did you won’t get what you got. You’ll get less”!

Dave showed how keeping up with the interests, and passions, of our children, is essential. His children started to get savvy about tagging their blog posts, to get the attention of teachers across the globe.

Bure Park Primary even based their plotting of stories upon the blog story written by Binyameen, from Dave’s school.

One of Dave’s pupils had an expression “what’s the point in having an audience, if you’re not going to use them”?! Fearn came up with a multi sectioned story, writing a chapter in case her audience chose any route! A huge undertaking. Heathfield’s Pandora blog motivated and enthused even reluctant writers. Mr Mitchell’s well done blog is a delicious collection of children talking about their successes. Well worth an explore to perk up your day.

Dave’s concept of Quadblogging received justified oohs and aahs. Let’s hope some schools here today will join a four way blogging forum.

Kevin’s write up captures Dave’s session, again.

ICT Reviews Live!Matt Hogan, head of ICT for Education product reviews team
An ICT for Education innovation at the Newcastle conference is ICT Reviews Live!, an independent product review session that put products to the test and gave real insight into their capabilities. ICT Reviews Live! was led by Matt Hogan, head of the ICT for Education reviews team.

We watched short presentations, reviews, commented on product content, considered underlying technologies, discussed ease of use and sharing opinions on how we’d like suppliers to develop products and services to meet the needs of teachers and schools.

Products included Oddizzi, an exploration of our world, in an online environment; eschools a way to integrate different elements of a school online presence; Lightspeed, enhanced classroom audio, for even children with good hearing; and Absolute, who specialise in managing many types of digital tools

Professional development in challenging times Steve Bunce, manager for north east England, Vital. Staff development is critical, but problematic, particularly in the current political & financial landscape. Steve’s presentation explored what we know about effective CPD, drawing on literature & work within the Vital programme.

Steve shared work from Vital projects, including using innovative technologies such as digital storytelling & games.

School leaders and ICT: navigating choppy waters Mike Briscoe, director, IET Associates Over the past 18 months, we have seen the demise of central direction around ICT at a national level, the disappearance of direct & indirect funding for ICT, troubled times in the market for some of our key players and, in some areas, the loss of localised ICT support from local authorities. These changes could have led schools to put ICT on the back burner, but this has not happened and schools remain positive about the potential of technology. Mike shared his views on what school leaders are looking for, their key areas of concern & how they can get to grips with the issues they face in an ever changing environment.

Brain training for education

Ian Glasscock, director, Games for Life
Games for Life was set up to develop pioneering technological solutions for education and health. In this presentation, Ian demonstrated mind controlled, attention training games that can enhance learning and homework tasks. He asked attendees to come and control computer characters in a scenario where, literally, their minds become the equivalent of the mouse or joystick.

Managing iPads and iPhones for schools
Darryl Jones, technical account manager UK & Ireland, Absolute Software The IT landscape for education is unique. Administratively, facility owned assets contain enrolment and personal student information for which you are ultimately responsible. Additional devices are provided for classroom and lab work. And then there are student owned devices that represent an entirely different challenge. If your IT assets are not safe, neither is the reputation of your school. So how do you maintain control over such a vast and ever changing environment?

Our second session was entitled Sixty free web tools in sixty minutes!

While pressures on educators can push enjoyment, inspiration, creativity and fun out of the classroom, teachers recognise the need to inspire young people and fire their imaginations, enhance their creativity and confidence, encourage resourcefulness through challenge and motivate a love of learning for life. We took folk on an exploration through a huge and accessible range of ways to engage and motivate students of all ages and abilities, pointing out essential elements for quality learning experiences and how these elements can have a massive impact on standards, achievement and enjoyment.


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  1. What a pleasure it was to meet again and enjoy your presentations, both of which have inspired me yet again. So many tools to choose from but as you said, choose one to start with. I have chosen a few since first ‘discovering’ you through the use of Myst and today I will be using not a technological device nor an online free app, but the idea of a door. Watch out Class4KM, a door is coming your way.
    Best wishes Tim and Sarah, and here’s to BETT.

  2. Tim says:

    …and what a joy for us to spend some time with you Mr M. We show your ideas in most of our training events, so, to have you there today, meant we could say: “Yes. THE #kvnmcl”! All the best in your explorations and door openings (and standing still outside). T & S

  3. Lally U says:

    Really inspirational day! Thanks so much for all the links this afternoon, I’m determined to try and play with one a week!! You made me realise its not always the new things, but a different way of seeing the classroom and how kids think.
    (and i might even try twitter!) 🙂
    Thank you

  4. jadeed boyi says:

    Great conference really enjoyed it, was fun and very useful.

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