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There are quite a few note taking tools.

It is always great when you discover a FANTASTIC tool for students who are researching material at any level. THIS is one of the best tools we mention to people, and it gets one of the biggest reactions.

Most information entered into your computer notepad is copied and pasted from somewhere. With QuotePad, you can do it with maximum efficiency: just select some text in any application, press Ctrl+Shift+Q and the selected text will be saved to QuotePad together with the URL of the webpage it was copied from.

And, if you need to enter something else, you can, and they are all stored in chronological order, with the URL attached.

This could be particularly useful for students preparing a university dissertation who wish to select text from a variety of sources, at speed, and have a record of where that text was found, to be used in the references section.

You can download and use it free of charge HERE.

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