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Although it has been around for a while now, the early evenings, travelling between a lot of schools, and the upcoming Road Safety Week, reminded me of 3M’s Streetwise, a free road safety and science resource.

Road accidents are the single biggest cause of accidental death among 5–14 year olds – a statistic that encouraged 3M to make child road safety the key theme of its community programme.

3M created Streetwise for use with primary school pupils. The content was written by teachers with the help of the Department for Transport and Brake, the road safety charity.

Although intended for teaching primary aged pupils, independent use of the resource requires a reading age of 9. It is, therefore, recommended that teachers of younger pupils work through the site with their class using an interactive whiteboard or projector.

The topic can be taught either as a stand-alone lesson on road safety, or it can be integrated into existing lessons in the science curriculum. As well as covering road safety rules, the site explains why these rules exist by looking at the scientific principles of light, sound and forces.

You can access worksheets, practical activity sheets and lesson ideas for each of topic areas on the site, adapted for year groups according to QCA guidelines.

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