Pentrehafod School, Swansea

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A fun day at Pentrehafod School, in Swansea, for a day of lessons and further experiments with staff from across the school.

Thank you to all of the staff and pupils at the school, Gerwyn Bowen, Core Curriculum Leader, Linda Statts, Deputy Headteacher, (and many others) for looking after us so gorgeously through a great day.

Thanks one and all for a day full of challenges, laughter and learning. Go for it!

We tried out a whole plethora of tools, at great speed, but they were up for it. It is always a joy to find that staff, from all departments across the school, are able to see, or think creatively about, how they can apply some of these resources to have an impact on their lessons.

There were many suggestions, through the afternoon, some of them as a whole group, and others in small offshoots. A group discussed practical applications of Wallwisher,and Lino It for example. The fact that you can add images, video, hyper-links, and much more, to each note, means that students can make a collection of thoughts, comments, findings, observations, suggestions, links, critiques, available for others to contribute to. Only allowing “post-its” on a Wallwisher to be seen after they have been “approved” from a central place, can mean that things like closed bids, for example, can be added to a wall, and the outcome can be revealed at the end of the task, or challenge, time.

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