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“I got a lot out of that sir!” – Pentrehafod School

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Thank you to Gerwyn Bowen, Core Curriculum Leader, Pentrehafod School, for some buzzing feedback on our day:

“That man was great! The work we did was excellent! I really enjoyed it! Thanks for bringing him into our school,” one male year 11 pupil enthusiastically summed up Tim Rylands’ visit to Pentrehafod School.

Following a brief telephone call to Tim Rylands a fortnight earlier, which was abruptly cut short when he said, “I am in Geneva, so this is probably costing you and me a lot of money,” the Deputy Head Teacher, Linda Statts and I set up the in-school INSET via email; much cheaper!

The day involved 60 pupils from Year 7 and 50 from Year 11, among whom were spread teachers and senior leaders from Pentrehafod School, teaching colleagues from Pentrehafod’s cluster primary schools and the ICT Coordinator from Sandfields Comprehensive School.

The aim: to view & discuss teaching methodology for raising literacy standards using ICT in the classroom.

Those aims were both met and surpassed, with more than one teacher after the INSET finished, more than two hours after the end of the school day, rushing to turn on the computer to try out some of the magnificent free resources that Tim had mentioned.

He had also demonstrated how this huge range of free resources could be used in different educational contexts to meet the teaching needs of different subject areas right the way across the school. Continue Reading