Brockenhurst Primary School, Hampshire

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What a fun way to start the New Year: a day with staff from Brockenhurst Primary School, in Hampshire, joined by visiting colleagues from across the county (listed at the bottom of this post).

Thank you to Head Teacher, Trudie Cawthra, for organising our visit.

The adventure games we mentioned, as one method of motivating and inspiring writing, are non-linear experiences. We introduced a few different ways to add a choice element to digital “texts”.

Using hyperlinks in PowerPoint sounds basic and limited. It actually enables some quite magical choice-centred end results to occur. We looked at the virtual tour of the school concept we have been lucky enough to develop in a few places.

Inserting “invisible” hyperlinks on transparent shapes, overlayed above pictures, means you can navigate through some immersive tours of real, or imaginary, locations.

It was good to meet up with the incredibly busy Ian Addison (@ianaddison on Twitter).

Ian is a primary school teacher and ICT co-ordinator at St John the Baptist Primary School, Waltham Chase, Hampshire. He is also a Google Certified Teacher, and completed the Google Apps certification process and is now a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer.

As well as to having his own, brilliantly useful, blog ( Ian also contributes to the Teachers Pet blog, and the 2Simple blog. Ian is also a major force behind Hampshire Better Learning using Technology. He helped to setup the website for the network, so that teachers throughout Hampshire can share ideas and resources.

Ian, as a passionate blogger, also realised how valuable it could be for the children at his school to blog. He set up a blog per class and for things like after-school clubs, outdoor curriculum and sports teams. He wrote about how he did it here. Take a look at the St John’s blog collection:

As well as all of this (!!) Ian also runs a site where he shares all of his ICT planning!

A big “Thank you” to all of the staff from Brockenhurst and the visiting schools, including Beaulieu School, Blackfield Primary School, Bordon Junior School, Cheriton Primary School, Farnborough Grange Nursery Infant Community School, Frogmore Junior School, Heathfield Junior School, Highcliffe School, Hordle CE Primary, Mountbatten School, North Baddesley Junior School, North Farnborough Infant School, Overton CE Primary School, Padnell Junior School, Ringwood School, Sholing Junior School, St John The Baptist Primary, St Mary’s Primary School, Bentworth, St Luke’s C of E Primary School, Stakes Hill Infant School, Stanmore Primary School, The Priory CE VA School, Waterside Primary School, Wellstead Primary School, Wildground Infants School, Woodcot Primary, Swaythling Primary and Gillingham School.

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  1. Thank you for a fantastic day at Brockenhurst Primary School. Tim was inspirational and gave us all a very happy, fun and thought-provoking day; jam packed with many amazing ideas and websites that can be easily used with KS1, 2 and 3 pupils. Tim’s humourous deliverly retained everyone’s attention; his wiley wit wondered us all! Sarah was also amazing, demonstrating a ‘hands on’ appraoch to many presentations for exciting classroom delivery.
    Both presenters gave our INSET day excellent value for money. Many visiting teachers ‘loved it and found it really enlightening’. Thank you again Sarah and Tim for an unforgettable day!

  2. Polly Ashness says:

    What a fantastic day! A truly inspirational day with so many ideas to take away and develop. You know you need to get out more when you get home and start to play with the different websites suggested! Thank you both so much.

  3. Ian Addison says:

    Tim, what can I say? Fantastic day and I am glad that after meeting you on various occasions I have finally seen you present. I will blog about my favourite web tools that you showed. There were so many and it was encouraging to find new ones alongside the many that we use already.
    Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you at BETT next week!

  4. Tim says:

    Well thank YOU Trudie, for having the courage and vision to get us in on such a key day in your calendar. Keep up the great stuff you are doing and let us know how things go Cheers for now Tim and Sarah

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you Polly and well done for all of the remarkable Myst (and more) things you have started. Have fun with all the new stuff byt, yes, remember to do analogue things too eh? 😀

  6. Tim says:

    Thank you Ian and well done indeed for all of the great things you do already. Your county as a valuable resource in Mr Addison. Thank you for your input on the day too. We look forward to reading your blog and to meeting up with you at BETT
    All the best for now
    Tim and Sarah

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